The official ‘Welcome to my blog’ post!

So I’m here… With my morning coffee writing my first blog post! Started this blog after much deliberation and trepidation, because basically I’m nervous about entering the vast arena of blogging. I have blogged a little before and really enjoyed it so here we go anyway.. Welcome to my blog, I am a London Town dwelling, make up artist, nail technician, day dreamer and mum. I love make up, I’m a girlie tomboy- I love talking about make up, adore reading and writing about it and of course applying it! I quite love fashion in a quirky sense of the word- I like unusual random clothes, shoes and jewellery, retro stuff (my little pony obviously) and I like eating all sorts of foods from around the world.

I aim to create a blog with a difference though, I won’t just do beauty tutorials and product reviews here, I mean that’s all well and good we will do that, but here I also want to tackle everything- from having a mad really warm skin complexion to foundation match (the struggle is real) to people on make up counters making you feel 2 feet tall in their rude and abrupt approach (I’m sure we have all been there). I will talk about everything from Mac’s latest collection and how I use it, to applying for make up jobs, where is currently hiring and getting rejected from jobs (been there too). I might even talk a bit about training in make up and my experiences freelancing and working with people who expect you to work for free or friends and family wanting handouts. I will give open and honest opinions all the time (especially on product reviews) and will give links to products and where I source them where possible, and where I find my job opportunities- I want this blog to be useful to everyone who reads in some way, even if it just makes you smile!

If you think that’s stuff you can relate to then I hope I see more of you around here! Hopefully we can all talk and share stories tips and hints!!



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