How to: Beauty Counter Job Interview Makeup!

Hi guys,

Hope you have all had a great Easter and long holiday weekend- shame about the weather but hey, this is England (for those of you reading from other countries who are currently basking in glorious sunshine I envy you so much right now) anyway its all business as usual today so time for a quick blog post on make up for attending a job interview for a make up counter- as I did last week!!!! How many of you already have or really want to work on a beauty make up counter either now or in the future?  There is no right or wrong way to this really and some brands will want more than others. This is just a quick post on how I did it, so you can get a few ideas and hopefully bag the job! I won’t share the outcome of the interview or who it was for just yet (all my friends who know what it is keep schtum in the comments please)- makes it a bit more fun!

I was told to wear bright, bold and daring make up – whatever I wanted and she actually said “The more bold, the better”. Eeeek I was so excited that I had total artistic freedom on my look but so very nervous of messing up at the same time! (Do you guys have any idea what brand I might be going for yet?).

As I was super nervous and really wanted the job, so I opted for an early interview time of 10am on Oxford street- early bird catches the worm and all that.  I wanted to pick a make up look I could get up early (but not at 4am early) and still have time to pull off! I love a bold eye and a bold lip so I was time challenged (I know many say you can’t get away with both, but what the hell I can). In the end I went for a gold, smokey eye and a matte plum lip for my interview as i love this look and I know I can do it fairly quickly. The lipstick is a Mac Retro Matte liquid lipstick range in the colour High Drama.  I also used the medium brown, black and gold colours (Key, Coin and Onyx)from my  Hidden Treasure Palette by Dose of Colours for eyes. This gold is super pigmented and foiled and I even applied it wet with my fix plus to really make it pop! The black in this palette is really black so it was really quick and easy to smoke it out. Tip: To make the eye super soft and smokey go over and soften you edges with a squirrel (art painting) brush it’s perfect at moving and diffusing colour so there are no harsh lines.

I used my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in black for my winged liner (as I find it the easiest way to achieve an even neat wing liner look). The rest of my make up was just how I like it- a light coverage of everything to be honest!

How do you think I look? I wish I had added lashes now as I think that would really of made the eyes pop but overall I really liked it though! (My MAC lipstick did start coming off after about an hour of wear and I had to keep re applying)

I wore all black for my interview as its smart, neat and fashionable. I opted to wear a big oversized batwing cardigan, plain black long chiffon dress/top and leggings and silver jewellery to set it all off and add a bit of class (and just because I’m loving my silver at the moment)! This is general attire I imagine should be worn beauty or make up counter interviews – in my mind I think you should dress for interview as if you were already working on the stand so it gives you confidence that you are right for the role and so the prospective employer can invisage you on their stand.

So what do you think? Have you had any interviews for make up counters? What did you wear? How did you do your make up for the big day?

Can you guess where I was interviewing for? I bet it’s not where you think?! How do you think I did?!

Will be back soon with an update!!!



Top class Make up training: House of Glamdolls, London

Hi guys,

It’s been quite a while since I blogged last, I’ve been so busy attending make up training this past week and attending great training got me thinking about how many bad training courses there are in the beauty industry and that sparked another blog post. Training and teaching make up, nails and beauty seems to be the latest ‘in’ thing and seems just about anyone can do it (and charge an arm and a leg for it) using an Instagram account or Gumtree or Facebook advert. I have done lots of training courses in my time- in beauty, nails and make up and believe you me I have wasted A LOT of hard earned money on pointless, or dated training. I was looking to really hone my make up skills in order to build my confidence, but didn’t want to waste any more money. I was recommended the House of Glamdolls on another course I did, so I decided to check them out.

House of Glamdolls is based in London, and was founded and run by Chinyee Chu and David Horne. Chinyee and David know their stuff, they both come from a strong make up background with many years experience in various different managerial roles for MAC and Ilasmasqua. They have also got years of experience working on celebrity clients, editorial work, fashion week as well as product development and education.

Since finding them, I’ve done quite a few courses. I’ve looked at everything from achieving the perfect skin- from foundation base, colour correction and contour to a day on bridal make up and two days focused on eye shapes, eyeshadow placement and blending.

Because of the industry experience he has, David is able to give students little industry secrets and tricks, and unlike many tutors who are too selfish to share their trade secrets, David is always happy to share everything he can. He wants to push his students to be the best make up artists they can be. This training really is the best of the best! Another thing which makes the school stand out to me is David’s knowledge of skin especially his knowledge of Black and Asian complexions. I’ve never met someone who knows deeper skin tones quite this well, his colour theory knowledge is second to none and he taught me so much I am now very confident in skin complexions. If as a make up artist you want to learn how to do different skin complexions to develop your skills and work confidently with every skin tone then I would definitely reccomend a course. Even if you aren’t a make up artist, but just want to learn make up as a hobby or simply to do on friends and family, I would recommend a class to perfect your skills and learn new ones. Another great thing is because they are so well connected you get access to specialist master classes with industry experts and other well known make up artists. This could in turn lead to opportunities to assist and work with different people in the future.

Here are a few pictures of inside the house: Look at the amount of products you get to play with- David literally has something from every well known make up brand and I have got to test out and try so many new products I hadn’t even heard of before. House of Glamdolls also have their own products including various strip lashes and Glambase wheels which are cream based blushers, colour correctors, contour and highlight.


Yesterday we worked on complexion and perfect colour matching (If any one remembers my previous rant on foundation issues for women of colour (you can refresh you memory here) you will all know I have a nightmare trying to get skin colour matched. I was very happy with the finished results:



In the end we were able to find a great match for my NC45 (ish) skin and my tricky purple/ green under eye bags as well, this is where the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage came in and obviously the Banana powder by Ben Nye (should be a holy grail to all yellow or olive undertones)  

I was also able to try out lots of different looks on different models under David’s guidance using visual stimulus such as pantings, or face charts. We were able to try out using lots of new and different products including bright colours and pigments, to step outside the comfort zone: like these super cool metallic lips and eyes I did on my model!

A few more pictures from inside: It’s a make up addicts heaven- they have Make up brushes for days and you can try any of them you please, there are palettes galore and don’t get me started on the amount of lip pencils there are!

After my time at House of Glamdolls, I feel so much more confident as a make up artist, attending training had given me inspiration, self belief and confidence as well as a thirst for more, its made me want to explore different areas of make up and push myself. I’ve also met some great people there and made good work and industry connections.

So when looking for training, don’t go just off someones instagram account or gumtree advert- anyone can talk it up in a written advert, anyone can photoshop a picture so you believe they are an amazing MUA and these days ALL training is expensive and price does not necessarily determine quality anymore- I would say do some research on the tutor- What have they done before? Do they have a professional CV? Do they have a proven track record?

What are your experiences with training in your home town or country? I know in America beauty training is much more regulated than here in the UK? What’s it been like for you wherever your from? Have you wasted money on courses? I would be interested to hear!

If your within easy reach of London its definitely worth checking out the House of Glamdolls and details of all their courses and further information can be found at 



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New must have: Melt Cosmetics ‘Dark Matter’ Eyeshadow Stack


OMG guys, had to blog today because I finally got the chance to use my ‘Dark Matter’ Stack from Melt Cosmetics and I had to tell you about it! ‘Dark Matter’ is one of 3 stacks in the Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow offering and it’s my personal favourite because it is an all rounder,  sort of a holy grail stack for the ultimate smokey eye. They also have ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Radioactive’ stacks. ‘Radioactive’ looks amazing, its so bright, vibrant and pigmented (may have to be my next purchase). These stacks retail for $48 and Melt Cosmetics do ship internationally.

Melt Cosmetics aren’t very well known in the UK actually, I believe they are better known America, however serious make up junkies (and hopefully soon everyone else) will know about them! They see to be a hip, cool and funky, brand- a bit alternative with great and unusual offerings in the matte lipstick department- as well as these brilliant stacks. The brand was started by two friends-Lora and Dana who were work colleagues working on  make up counters in a department store, before they teamed up to start this great line. The brand has a almost retro feel with a modern twist and specialises in bright colours and uber matte finishes to their products.

One of the things which made this brand stand out to me is the packaging for their awesome eyeshadow ‘Stacks’. As you can see the eyeshadow pans come in this chic, circular, stack of eyeshadow pans- which are magnetic so they can can stack together or pull apart like so……

It’s so cool and unique isn’t it? As soon as I saw it, I had to have it!  Not only is it neat and compact, but its also great for Make Up Artists on the job, as its very compact and space saving. You could even buy all their stacks and as they are magnetic you could stick them all together if you wanted! The stack contains 4 highly pigmented, very matte shades as follows (in order they are swatched):


Enigma- My favourite colour from the palette,  Rusty red-brown great for in the crease.

Blurr- soft blending and transition colour or under brow and tear duct.

Dark Matter-Very highly pigmented and dark black colour.

Unseen- a cool-medium caramel brown- great transition for me personally.

What do you think?


The eyeshadow pans are really big and contain a large amount of product. The palette is great for almost any combination of colours for a smokey eye and the black in this palette is super pigmented, and there was ZERO fall out. The colours are creamy and smooth and very blendable. I adore the consistency and would be hard pushed to find better. It is definitely worth its price tag.

Here is the look I created to go to a friends birthday lunch!


You can find this stack and the other two stacks at and you can follow them on Instagram here.

Seriously guys check it out on their website…. currently sadly the Dark Matter stacks are sold out but I expect there will be a restock very very soon!!  Let me know what you think of Dark Matter? Will you try to get your hands on it? Maybe you have one of their other stacks already? Let me know!

Oooooh….exciting news for my next blog post, I have ordered six of the seven Kylie Jenner lip kits! I’m not sure many of them will suit me but I just wanted to see what the hype is about and so blog about them to be honest. Stay tuned for that upcoming post as I will also leave some links and tips on getting your hands on the stacks as that wasn’t easy-even for a make up junkie like me!!!

Until then….



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The Liebster Award!


Wow… What a happy Saturday… I have been nominated for a Liebster Award from a fellow blogger! I am over the moon, it means a lot to me because I haven’t been blogging for long and for someone to this my blog is worthy of an award is awesome! I was nominated by the lovely JJsfootsteps so thank you! Check out her blog page by licking the link!

For those who don’t know what the Liebster award is – it’s an award given to new and upcoming bloggers, from other bloggers to show them support and love. It also let’s readers get to know the blogger a bit. The great thing about a Liebster Award is- you then get to pay it forward and nominate other bloggers you think write great blogs.

The Rules

Thank the blog that nominated you and link back to them.

Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you.

Tell readers 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate up to 11 bloggers to receive the award next.

Give your new nominees questions to answer about themselves when they post their nomination.


So I have nominated a few great blogs I think deserve some recognition- they blog on a variety of things and are all quite different so do check them out.









Viaggia Sogna Vivi



11 random facts about myself

  1. To get to sleep at night or to relax I watch videos of people folding fluffy towels, wrapping presents or even giving pretend eye examinations (this is a thing, who knew? It’s called ASMR) seriously its soon relaxing- go youtube it!
  2. I THINK I may have got post natal depression with my most recent child, although because it took about 3 months to kick in, I assumed it wasn’t that and only realised when 8 months later, I feel much better.
  3. I worry about my weight and think about weight loss every day.
  4. I am what’s known as a Girlie Tomboy. I love wearing baggy clothes and trainers, but I like girlie things like make up, lashes, diamontes and shiny sparkly house decor!
  5. I once won a brand new car on TV (I went on T4 with Vernon K and won a Renault clio).
  6. I have a degree in Media and Film and a Masters in Social Work and I used to work as a social worker in chid protection before my beauty and make up career took off.
  7. I am the ultimate My Little Pony fan, I had over 80 as a child and they are still in my dad’s loft!
  8. I am terrified of flying. So terrified in fact I have to go to my GP and get prescribed Diazepam before every flight I take.
  9. I’ve never been to my country of origin- Jamaica (I really want to go and its on my bucket list).
  10. Also on my bucket list is visiting Disneyworld because literally every year my best friend at school would go and my family could never afford it, so I spent years being so jealous!
  11. I want to move to the countryside one day soon so I can have a big garden (I currently live right in the middle of London)

So JJsfootsteps set me some questions to answer!

1. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is hard one because I love reading all types of books. I suppose I would probably read something political and racial- like A Time to Kill by John Grisham. I’m a sucker for political, court room, death penalty based dramas and especially when it comes to exploring racial tensions in America.

2. What’s your worst habit?

Ok so embarrassingly- whenever I am ill, or one of my children or my boyfriend has anything wrong with them and ailment at all- I immediatly jump onto Google and spend ages googling and reading up on said ailment (be it a cough, sneeze, rash, lump or bump) and then I diagnose the worst possible disease or horrendous illness and then work myself up into a panic and frenzy convinced the person is moments away from death! Neurotic and ridiculous basically.

3. If you could change one thing about the past year what would it be?

I wish I would of started this blog 12 months ago. Seriously, I put it off for so long anyway and this year I didn’t do it because I assumed just because I was pregnant and having a baby, it meant I couldn’t blog as well- now I’ve realise it would of actually been the perfect time to start!

4. Cat person, dog person or something else, and why?

DOG DOG DOG!!!! I just got my little Pomeranian- Honey (I’m sure you can guess what colour she is). She’s now 11 weeks old and I adore her. I grew up with dogs and just love them so much more than cats which I think are fickle and often only loyal to the hand that feeds them. I just love all dogs!

5. What’s your biggest fear?

Failure. Seriously if I had a pound for every time I have thought about doing something and opted out because of the fear of failure, I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams right now! Starting this blog is one of the things I’ve put off for years all for fear of no-one reading it and therefore basically failure.

6. What made you start your blog?

I have wanted to blog for years now, I had a little go a few years back and didn’t carry on with it- and then I put off starting it again because i was scared no-one would read! I was encouraged and inspired by a few other bloggers and friends to start and I am so glad I did as I’ve had quite a few readers and lots of encouragement from you guys so i am really thankful for that.

7. Who is your inspiration?

I take inspiration from lots of places in life, but overall I would say my inspiration is my dad- he is hardworking, with real ethic and commitment. He very rarely had time off work even when he was very unwell. He raised me and my brother on his own after our mum walked out and got re married, he was always there for us and still is to this day. He worked hard to provide for two demanding teenagers and now I have kids of my own I can really appreciate how hard parenting actually is let alone totally alone with two difficult, angry and resentful teenagers. He’s a great man!

8. What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

Go to sleep and stop worrying about what you will wear tomorrow- there’s more to life. Embrace your newly forming, curves as one day they will be appreciated. Embrace, your big pouty lips as one day they will be coveted. Love being black, as its beautiful! You will eventually find someone to love you and settle down with kids, stop worrying about that too. Finally- remember, tomorrow is another day.

9. Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

In 5 years time I want to have grown hugely within the make up, beauty and blogging field. I hope to have built up a name for myself and continued to build up my brand. I really hope to be running my own salon, or working within make up at a more senior level. I also hope to have done loads more training and assisted some bigger make up artists and maybe even worked abroad.  I hope to still be blogging and Instagramming and to have built up quite a few followers (fingers crossed).

10. What are you struggling with as a blogger?

Self confidence and belief in my posts and my ability to write. I am constantly second guessing my posts, reading and re-reading them and at the same time worrying if people will like them or want to read them. I also worry constantly about not getting enough readers and becoming disheartened and de motivated!

11. Who is your favourite musician?

Blimey, thats a hard one because I like so many different artists….however if its the all time life long favourite, it would have to be Michael Jackson!!! His music never gets old or boring to me. I really loved him as a child in the 1990s and still love him now! RIP

Questions for my Nominee’s

  1. What do you like best about the town you live in?
  2. What’s your favourite food?
  3. What’s you biggest insecurity?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  5. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  6. What do you dislike most about blogging?
  7. What advice would you give to those considering starting a new blog?
  8. Who inspires you the most in life?
  9. What do you do last thing at night before you go to sleep?
  10. Where in the world would you most like to travel to and why?
  11. What’s your hidden talent?



Thanks for participating… don’t forget to pass it on!!!!

Dose Of Colors: Hidden Treasure Palette Review

Hello all,

I hope this blog post finds you well, I have been uber excited about posting this one, as I was able to get hold of the Dose Of Colors, Hidden Treasure palette this week! I had been waiting for a few weeks for it to make its way to me from the U.S. and finally it arrived!!! I’ve been raving about it on my Instagram for the past couple of days- you may have seen. It’s beautiful! Dose Of Colors aren’t that well known over here- but they have a lot to offer and they are mostly known among make up addicts for their lip glosses so I was excited to try a palette from them. (I will link you to where you can buy this palette and other DOC products at the end)

It’s a Limited Edition, 10 shade palette, and all the shades are gorgeous rich. coppery, bronzey orangey colours. Its cruelty free, 4 free and the pans are medium sized, fairly deep and densely packed thus holding quite a lot of product.  Personally I love the layout of the palette, however the OCD tendencies in some of you may find the layout of the pans irritating to be fair. It comes in lovely very well designed, mirrored packaging.

The colours are as follows:

5 foiled metallic shadows called-Coin, Crown, Ruby, Gemstone and Diamond. They are extremely heavily pigmented and really shine on the skin. They can also be used wet or dry so I would recommend dampening your brush and then applying them if you want a really popping colour. Coin is the holy grail of gold foiled eyeshadows and I reach for it time and time again when doing clients.

4 matte eyeshadows called -Key, Map, Onyx and Locket. These shades are very well pigmented in fact the black (Onyx) reminds me of the black in the naked 2 palette, in that it is very very black, has very little fall out and is perfect for smokey eye looks or deepening and intensifying any eyeshadow look. Key, Map and Locket are brilliant transition shades as well as great for soft smokey eyes.

Pearl is a very light shimmery eyeshadow designed with the inner eye or brow bone highlight in mind.

It’s gorgeous right? Here are the swatches on my arm- each swatch is 2-3 applications of colour and not really blended so you can see their true colouring.



So how do they apply?

That is the question! I very quickly used them to test on eye yesterday and my feeling is they are lovely to work with. They are very smooth, creamy and blend well, the matte shadows are really matte and great transition shades. There was very little fall out from the matte shades, however the foiled shades did have some fall out- which is to be expected from foiled shadows in my opinion. If a little care is taken when applying, ultimately the fall out is minimal. The shadows have a high quality feel to them, and although the palette has quite a high price point it’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to this palette.

Disclaimer: In the below pictures, I have awful and ungroomed brows at the moment so please excuse them- I know, I know- it’s not good enough, but in my defence I have been stuck at home all week with an ill kid. I used Key as a transition shade, Onyx- to deepen the corners, the beautiful stunning Ruby in the middle and Coin in the inner corner.

Where can you get it?

Unfortunately its not available in the U.K. (Some Dose of Colors stock is carried at Beauty Bay although this palette isn’t currently).  I had to order this directly from Dose of Colors directly (and pay the damn customs charges) to get it. It retails at $50.00 which was about £35 but then the customs charges were £7 (plus the annoying Royal Mail £8 handling fee) so this actually works out to be quite expensive. It is worth it in my opinion, however because your getting 10 really unique shades I haven’t found anything quite like Ruby for instance and coin is my go to for clients wanting gold smokey eyes- I’ve never found anything like it anywhere! It’s actually the best foiled gold ever and totally unique. I can see how some people may not want to pay such a high price for this though… I guess it all depends how much of a make up addict you are I suppose, also remember its limited edition, and may well sell out very soon although Dose of Colors may bring it back we just don’t know ey?

Let me know what your thoughts are? Will you be getting it? Or do you have it already? Let me know make up lovers.


First World problems: Instagram!

Today’s blog post is suddenly came to me after being in the hairdressers yesterday, I was having a good old gossip with the other girls in there while under the drier (as you do) and I met a girl who worked in ‘social media’. Ok?! What does that even mean? When I delved more into this statement she explained it was her job to make famous people look good on Instagram! Wow – that’s actually a career? Who knew? Anyway I said I felt it was odd as I would want a genuine, sincere feel to any celebrity’s Instagram and if I thought I wasn’t getting that I always unfollow!

So then when I woke up this morning and without thinking, did my usual thing of grabbing my phone and browsing my social media- namely Facebook and Instagram and it got me thinking- Instagram really does make up a huge part of our every day lives- everyone who’s anyone has an Instagram it a must have as a business. But is it really right to edit, photoshop and FaceTune your pictures? Is this a true representation or advertisement? Obviously as a beauty and make up lover and blogger I spend a lot of time on Instagram- and as you do looking through all the polished and perfect pictures of people’s make up that fill a large proportion of my feed- I am always green with envy! Why don’t my pictures look as polished? Why is there always a flaw in my selfie? The notion that people may FaceTune or photoshop their pictures was alien to me until recently -my pictures are never posed or staged they are very real- although I’m tempted I must say because the accounts who clearly photoshop to the hilt have literally millions of followers!

It’s not that I’m against editing pictures but the issue is that Instagram often makes me feel so insecure of myself for so many reasons, and sets out somewhat realistic goals or expectations for people to try to match. I’m sure some of you have felt like it before- insecure after browsing your feed a bit- you start to unconsciously critique your face, your skin condition, your body, your ability to pout and to take decent pictures on your iPhone? You end up taking 100 selfies just to get one halfway decent one and even then your not happy! You end up zooming in and finding wrinkles, spots, pimples, blemishes on your face you never knew were there. It makes you want to call an uber immediately and have it take you to he nearest John Lewis just to buy Estee Lauder Double Wear and wack about 5 layers. Then it doesn’t stop at that- you start questioning everything about your life- your hair, your clothes, your meal choices , your partner choices-everything!

Instagram is how Facebook was 10 years ago- when you reconnect with your old school friends and first see their accounts, lives looking perfect, glamorous, fun filled and carefree. Then you end up comparing your own life and feeling like you drew the short straw in some way-  and never stopping to think that maybe these are carefully selected pictures. This even works down to celebrities and those paid for what they do on Instagram. Recently quite a few Instagram models had an amnesty on posts and came clean about the reality of every picture,  Model Essena O’Neill springs to mind as an example as she recently had a change up on her Instagram account and very publicly explained that the posts on her Instagram are rarely what they seem. Here’s a couple of screenshots from her Instagram which explains what I am getting at- defo check out her page for more as it makes interesting reading.



Life through Instagram is the life people want you to see and not really reality, but often that’s hard to remember!

Instagram also makes it difficult for me- as a Make Up Artist. I want my work to photograph as beautifully as many of these accounts but without a ton of editing they can never compare. On top of this the worst issue is when booking you, clients will actually ask for “The Instagram Look”- by that they mean full coverage make up, very heavy contour and highlight, colour corrected, over drawn lips and of course The Instagram Brow (heavy dark, cut out, faded in brows!). Seriously, this look may be great on camera, and after Photoshopping but in real life this isn’t wearable?! And clients don’t recognise this- because all they see is what’s posted on social media. In real life this make up would be inches thick caked on, creased TF and basically a mess. Instagram style make up is very drag as well which can photograph well but in real life is very ageing on anyone over about 20!

I studied and work in makeup  because I wanted to enhance natural beauty and make them feel good about themselves flaws and warts and all- do I could correct? Of course but only when needed, do I overuse on the lips? Yes I do but again only if it suits the person and only if genuinely needed. We don’t all need to look like blow up dolls to be beautiful!

With that said there are a few great Instagrammers which I follow not for product reviews or because they are ‘Influencers’ (saw this written in a really popular Instagrammers bio recently and I really dislike this whole notion, because clearly that just means you are there to make money only and we are just passive viewers who will buy anything wtf?!- how can I trust your reviews or anything you post at all then). I follow them because they are real – unedited genuine just well chosen pictures @bodyposipanda is one I can think of straight away- Check her account out too.

What are you views? I would love to hear- do you think photoshopping and heavy editing to be acceptable? Do you feel the pressures of trying to keep up with Instagram?

My Instagram is – Follow me and let’s connect- although you won’t see much Photoshopping going on!


That’s all from me today- please like share and comment would love to hear your views!

And next time you find yourself browsing Instagram feeling insecure or flawed-always remember; ‘Being imperfect is in itself, perfect’!




*photocredit- screen grab @essenaoneil and instagram

Pinch Punch First of the Month: Urban Spectrum Palette Review and Make up.

Hello all,

Pinch punch first of the month – are we supposed to say the “white rabbits” three times this month because Easter is early this year? Can’t remember! Anyway hope this post finds you well- haven’t been able to blog since last week because I got my darling little dog on the weekend! She is adorable, her name is Honey and she’s a 9 week old Pomeranian! She’s been taking up most of what little spare time I did have because we have been getting to know each other and house training (eeeeew!) anyway so she’s sleeping now and I need to get ready so I thought I would use my new Spectrum Palette from Urban Decay! (For your ease I have placed links to some the products directly throughout this post (How nice am I? Share and subscribe if you agree *winks*). It’s a 15 shade palette and each pan contains a significant size of product- it retails for £35.00 but I think thats worth it given the amount of product you get. I was drawn to it for its vibrant, bright colours and shimmers ( If your not a fan of shimmer maybe this isn’t the palette for you). I also love love love the packaging- the box is sheek, black, mirrored on the lid, very solid and with the usual UD ornate design embellished on the front.

Now this palette has been out for sometime- (I know i know, I’m late) I was trying to get hold of it since December however it’s been sold out on Urban Decays’s U.K. site for ages however you can get the palette on – and they ship to the U.K. & will include the customs at checkout so no nasty little surprises to be had when it turns up on your doorstep! I managed to grab this while I was in the U.S last week in Sephora.

It’s gorgeous check out the pictures and swatches- which colour is your favourite?  I like Burn, Daybreak, Flashback, Voodoo and Protest the most I think. Can’t wait for a night out so I get to use Flashback! the majority of the colours are shimmers and all very highly pigmented and vibrant- I think out of all of them the first green colour ‘Protest’ was a bit less pigmented than the others but the rest seem fairly consistent (Protest actually came out really faint and took a few times of going over to swatch and in the picture looks a bit wishy washy at all but my skin does have a yellowy green/olive undertone so I think that didn’t help either).

I am doing my “day make up” so I’ve decided to use the colours to the bottom of the palette! I will try to keep my explanations as short and sweet as possible as I understand reading a ‘tutorial’ isn’t very easy for lots of people but hey I’m very video camera shy and hate hearing my own voice, so we are stuck with this for now!

Brushes I will be using today- (mainly using my Zoeva 234, M.A.C 217 and my Squirrel 3/0 (watercolour art) brush for the eyeshadows the of the brushes are just for the other boring parts of my face)


  • I prepped my eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion and set it with Mac prep and prime translucent powder (so I can blend any eye shadows I apply more easily).

  • All the colours in the Spectrum Palette have a shimmer to them in varying degrees (except West which was a little too dark for what I wanted) and so I used my favourite transition shade to start with- Make Up Geek  ‘Cocoa Bear’– (matte mid brown). I placed this in the crease using my Zoeva 234 and used my Mac 217 brush in windscreen wiper motions to sweep product into my crease and slightly up towards my brow and then to feather the colour down the first portion of my lid.
  • Next I used the darkest colour in the palette ‘West’ in the corner of my eye in the good old V shape, and the blended into the crease (pack colour on with Zoeva 234 and blend using the 217 in the windscreen wiper motion) I repeated this twice to deepen intensity- leaving it darker in the corner snd fading it inwards (I think maybe even 3 times).
  • I then took my Squirrel 3/0 watercolour paint Brush and feathered and diffusedthe edges so it wasn’t to harsh (this brush is amazing at diffusing colour on the eye to soften and smoke it out – its a secret taught to me by make up guru David Horne at House of Glamdolls ( needs another post I reckon)
  • Add some smudged out ‘West’ under the lash line to add intensity (about halfway across).


I then added ‘Flatline’ (a light shimmery baby pink ) to the very inner corners of the lid and on the inner waterline quarter of the way across and blend with the ‘West’, I also added ‘Daybreak’ under my brow bone to highlight and diffused it downwards.



Ok so then I added all the other stuff to the rest of my face and tidied up a but- my bags are sooooo bad this morning that I had to do my foundation then colour correcting and concealing and then bake my concealer, Snore!- here’s a pic of me bored waiting for it to cook!

All done for the day and good to go- even though all I am probably going to do today is play with my dog! As you can see these colours are very natural and very day make up! Some of the other colours in the palette are clearly for a more evening look and I shall do another post for a night time look methinks!

These are the other products used for my day make up today- some general favourites and good all rounders.

  • Mac Pro conceal and correct palette – Medium Deep
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder (for setting under eyes and baking)
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 8.5 for a lift dewy coverage (my skin may not be perfect but I much prefer a light foundation look!
  • Becca Cosmetics- Champagne Pop for the highlight
  • M.A.C Raizin Blush (holy grail obvs)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss in Sepia
  • Yes I have two mascara’s out, as they are both drying out a bit to be honest- YSL Shocking and DreamWeave
  • Two liners as well- because I tried the MUA one for the first time after somebody gave it to me and it got dry after a few minutes of use (liner takes me a while) didn’t care for it at all-  so then the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Feline Flick’ took over for my subtle wing liner.

What do you think of the palette? Do you already have it? If not, will you be getting it?  U.K. peeps- Hold tight and keep checking back with Urban Decay online and in store as I’m sure they will reload this one as it was so popular! I totally love it- its versatile, great for a day and night time look and can’t wait to go out to use the purples and pinks. I have actually just texted my friend Stacey to go out on a girlie night next week as its long overdue and I also want an excuse to go and get glammed up with this palette.

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