Pinch Punch First of the Month: Urban Spectrum Palette Review and Make up.

Hello all,

Pinch punch first of the month – are we supposed to say the “white rabbits” three times this month because Easter is early this year? Can’t remember! Anyway hope this post finds you well- haven’t been able to blog since last week because I got my darling little dog on the weekend! She is adorable, her name is Honey and she’s a 9 week old Pomeranian! She’s been taking up most of what little spare time I did have because we have been getting to know each other and house training (eeeeew!) anyway so she’s sleeping now and I need to get ready so I thought I would use my new Spectrum Palette from Urban Decay! (For your ease I have placed links to some the products directly throughout this post (How nice am I? Share and subscribe if you agree *winks*). It’s a 15 shade palette and each pan contains a significant size of product- it retails for £35.00 but I think thats worth it given the amount of product you get. I was drawn to it for its vibrant, bright colours and shimmers ( If your not a fan of shimmer maybe this isn’t the palette for you). I also love love love the packaging- the box is sheek, black, mirrored on the lid, very solid and with the usual UD ornate design embellished on the front.

Now this palette has been out for sometime- (I know i know, I’m late) I was trying to get hold of it since December however it’s been sold out on Urban Decays’s U.K. site for ages however you can get the palette on – and they ship to the U.K. & will include the customs at checkout so no nasty little surprises to be had when it turns up on your doorstep! I managed to grab this while I was in the U.S last week in Sephora.

It’s gorgeous check out the pictures and swatches- which colour is your favourite?  I like Burn, Daybreak, Flashback, Voodoo and Protest the most I think. Can’t wait for a night out so I get to use Flashback! the majority of the colours are shimmers and all very highly pigmented and vibrant- I think out of all of them the first green colour ‘Protest’ was a bit less pigmented than the others but the rest seem fairly consistent (Protest actually came out really faint and took a few times of going over to swatch and in the picture looks a bit wishy washy at all but my skin does have a yellowy green/olive undertone so I think that didn’t help either).

I am doing my “day make up” so I’ve decided to use the colours to the bottom of the palette! I will try to keep my explanations as short and sweet as possible as I understand reading a ‘tutorial’ isn’t very easy for lots of people but hey I’m very video camera shy and hate hearing my own voice, so we are stuck with this for now!

Brushes I will be using today- (mainly using my Zoeva 234, M.A.C 217 and my Squirrel 3/0 (watercolour art) brush for the eyeshadows the of the brushes are just for the other boring parts of my face)


  • I prepped my eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion and set it with Mac prep and prime translucent powder (so I can blend any eye shadows I apply more easily).

  • All the colours in the Spectrum Palette have a shimmer to them in varying degrees (except West which was a little too dark for what I wanted) and so I used my favourite transition shade to start with- Make Up Geek  ‘Cocoa Bear’– (matte mid brown). I placed this in the crease using my Zoeva 234 and used my Mac 217 brush in windscreen wiper motions to sweep product into my crease and slightly up towards my brow and then to feather the colour down the first portion of my lid.
  • Next I used the darkest colour in the palette ‘West’ in the corner of my eye in the good old V shape, and the blended into the crease (pack colour on with Zoeva 234 and blend using the 217 in the windscreen wiper motion) I repeated this twice to deepen intensity- leaving it darker in the corner snd fading it inwards (I think maybe even 3 times).
  • I then took my Squirrel 3/0 watercolour paint Brush and feathered and diffusedthe edges so it wasn’t to harsh (this brush is amazing at diffusing colour on the eye to soften and smoke it out – its a secret taught to me by make up guru David Horne at House of Glamdolls ( needs another post I reckon)
  • Add some smudged out ‘West’ under the lash line to add intensity (about halfway across).


I then added ‘Flatline’ (a light shimmery baby pink ) to the very inner corners of the lid and on the inner waterline quarter of the way across and blend with the ‘West’, I also added ‘Daybreak’ under my brow bone to highlight and diffused it downwards.



Ok so then I added all the other stuff to the rest of my face and tidied up a but- my bags are sooooo bad this morning that I had to do my foundation then colour correcting and concealing and then bake my concealer, Snore!- here’s a pic of me bored waiting for it to cook!

All done for the day and good to go- even though all I am probably going to do today is play with my dog! As you can see these colours are very natural and very day make up! Some of the other colours in the palette are clearly for a more evening look and I shall do another post for a night time look methinks!

These are the other products used for my day make up today- some general favourites and good all rounders.

  • Mac Pro conceal and correct palette – Medium Deep
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder (for setting under eyes and baking)
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 8.5 for a lift dewy coverage (my skin may not be perfect but I much prefer a light foundation look!
  • Becca Cosmetics- Champagne Pop for the highlight
  • M.A.C Raizin Blush (holy grail obvs)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss in Sepia
  • Yes I have two mascara’s out, as they are both drying out a bit to be honest- YSL Shocking and DreamWeave
  • Two liners as well- because I tried the MUA one for the first time after somebody gave it to me and it got dry after a few minutes of use (liner takes me a while) didn’t care for it at all-  so then the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Feline Flick’ took over for my subtle wing liner.

What do you think of the palette? Do you already have it? If not, will you be getting it?  U.K. peeps- Hold tight and keep checking back with Urban Decay online and in store as I’m sure they will reload this one as it was so popular! I totally love it- its versatile, great for a day and night time look and can’t wait to go out to use the purples and pinks. I have actually just texted my friend Stacey to go out on a girlie night next week as its long overdue and I also want an excuse to go and get glammed up with this palette.

Until next time….don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and all that Jazz!




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