Dose Of Colors: Hidden Treasure Palette Review

Hello all,

I hope this blog post finds you well, I have been uber excited about posting this one, as I was able to get hold of the Dose Of Colors, Hidden Treasure palette this week! I had been waiting for a few weeks for it to make its way to me from the U.S. and finally it arrived!!! I’ve been raving about it on my Instagram for the past couple of days- you may have seen. It’s beautiful! Dose Of Colors aren’t that well known over here- but they have a lot to offer and they are mostly known among make up addicts for their lip glosses so I was excited to try a palette from them. (I will link you to where you can buy this palette and other DOC products at the end)

It’s a Limited Edition, 10 shade palette, and all the shades are gorgeous rich. coppery, bronzey orangey colours. Its cruelty free, 4 free and the pans are medium sized, fairly deep and densely packed thus holding quite a lot of product.  Personally I love the layout of the palette, however the OCD tendencies in some of you may find the layout of the pans irritating to be fair. It comes in lovely very well designed, mirrored packaging.

The colours are as follows:

5 foiled metallic shadows called-Coin, Crown, Ruby, Gemstone and Diamond. They are extremely heavily pigmented and really shine on the skin. They can also be used wet or dry so I would recommend dampening your brush and then applying them if you want a really popping colour. Coin is the holy grail of gold foiled eyeshadows and I reach for it time and time again when doing clients.

4 matte eyeshadows called -Key, Map, Onyx and Locket. These shades are very well pigmented in fact the black (Onyx) reminds me of the black in the naked 2 palette, in that it is very very black, has very little fall out and is perfect for smokey eye looks or deepening and intensifying any eyeshadow look. Key, Map and Locket are brilliant transition shades as well as great for soft smokey eyes.

Pearl is a very light shimmery eyeshadow designed with the inner eye or brow bone highlight in mind.

It’s gorgeous right? Here are the swatches on my arm- each swatch is 2-3 applications of colour and not really blended so you can see their true colouring.



So how do they apply?

That is the question! I very quickly used them to test on eye yesterday and my feeling is they are lovely to work with. They are very smooth, creamy and blend well, the matte shadows are really matte and great transition shades. There was very little fall out from the matte shades, however the foiled shades did have some fall out- which is to be expected from foiled shadows in my opinion. If a little care is taken when applying, ultimately the fall out is minimal. The shadows have a high quality feel to them, and although the palette has quite a high price point it’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to this palette.

Disclaimer: In the below pictures, I have awful and ungroomed brows at the moment so please excuse them- I know, I know- it’s not good enough, but in my defence I have been stuck at home all week with an ill kid. I used Key as a transition shade, Onyx- to deepen the corners, the beautiful stunning Ruby in the middle and Coin in the inner corner.

Where can you get it?

Unfortunately its not available in the U.K. (Some Dose of Colors stock is carried at Beauty Bay although this palette isn’t currently).  I had to order this directly from Dose of Colors directly (and pay the damn customs charges) to get it. It retails at $50.00 which was about £35 but then the customs charges were £7 (plus the annoying Royal Mail £8 handling fee) so this actually works out to be quite expensive. It is worth it in my opinion, however because your getting 10 really unique shades I haven’t found anything quite like Ruby for instance and coin is my go to for clients wanting gold smokey eyes- I’ve never found anything like it anywhere! It’s actually the best foiled gold ever and totally unique. I can see how some people may not want to pay such a high price for this though… I guess it all depends how much of a make up addict you are I suppose, also remember its limited edition, and may well sell out very soon although Dose of Colors may bring it back we just don’t know ey?

Let me know what your thoughts are? Will you be getting it? Or do you have it already? Let me know make up lovers.



12 thoughts on “Dose Of Colors: Hidden Treasure Palette Review

    • Thank you! The colours are lovely the picture didn’t do them justice actually I loved my eye- I will defo do a whole face of make up, maybe I will do it later today if I get the time and add it here or on Instagram! Xxx


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