New must have: Melt Cosmetics ‘Dark Matter’ Eyeshadow Stack


OMG guys, had to blog today because I finally got the chance to use my ‘Dark Matter’ Stack from Melt Cosmetics and I had to tell you about it! ‘Dark Matter’ is one of 3 stacks in the Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow offering and it’s my personal favourite because it is an all rounder,  sort of a holy grail stack for the ultimate smokey eye. They also have ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Radioactive’ stacks. ‘Radioactive’ looks amazing, its so bright, vibrant and pigmented (may have to be my next purchase). These stacks retail for $48 and Melt Cosmetics do ship internationally.

Melt Cosmetics aren’t very well known in the UK actually, I believe they are better known America, however serious make up junkies (and hopefully soon everyone else) will know about them! They see to be a hip, cool and funky, brand- a bit alternative with great and unusual offerings in the matte lipstick department- as well as these brilliant stacks. The brand was started by two friends-Lora and Dana who were work colleagues working on  make up counters in a department store, before they teamed up to start this great line. The brand has a almost retro feel with a modern twist and specialises in bright colours and uber matte finishes to their products.

One of the things which made this brand stand out to me is the packaging for their awesome eyeshadow ‘Stacks’. As you can see the eyeshadow pans come in this chic, circular, stack of eyeshadow pans- which are magnetic so they can can stack together or pull apart like so……

It’s so cool and unique isn’t it? As soon as I saw it, I had to have it!  Not only is it neat and compact, but its also great for Make Up Artists on the job, as its very compact and space saving. You could even buy all their stacks and as they are magnetic you could stick them all together if you wanted! The stack contains 4 highly pigmented, very matte shades as follows (in order they are swatched):


Enigma- My favourite colour from the palette,  Rusty red-brown great for in the crease.

Blurr- soft blending and transition colour or under brow and tear duct.

Dark Matter-Very highly pigmented and dark black colour.

Unseen- a cool-medium caramel brown- great transition for me personally.

What do you think?


The eyeshadow pans are really big and contain a large amount of product. The palette is great for almost any combination of colours for a smokey eye and the black in this palette is super pigmented, and there was ZERO fall out. The colours are creamy and smooth and very blendable. I adore the consistency and would be hard pushed to find better. It is definitely worth its price tag.

Here is the look I created to go to a friends birthday lunch!


You can find this stack and the other two stacks at and you can follow them on Instagram here.

Seriously guys check it out on their website…. currently sadly the Dark Matter stacks are sold out but I expect there will be a restock very very soon!!  Let me know what you think of Dark Matter? Will you try to get your hands on it? Maybe you have one of their other stacks already? Let me know!

Oooooh….exciting news for my next blog post, I have ordered six of the seven Kylie Jenner lip kits! I’m not sure many of them will suit me but I just wanted to see what the hype is about and so blog about them to be honest. Stay tuned for that upcoming post as I will also leave some links and tips on getting your hands on the stacks as that wasn’t easy-even for a make up junkie like me!!!

Until then….



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