“We’re all mad here”, Urban Decay: Alice into the Looking Glass Palette

“I know who I was when I got up this morning? But I must have changed several times since then.”

Hi guys,

Hope this blog post finds you well- this is a very short and sweet post just to show you the latest offering from Urban Decay, the Alice in Wonderland Palette and swatches.  Inspired by the new Disney film ‘Alice into the Looking Glass’ which releases soon, this Limited Edition palette has been long awaited. Let’s face it, I am a sucker for all things Disney, so when this collection released last week in at the Urban Decay Flagship store I had to fly down there and pick up a few for myself and a few of my make up addict friends. The palette also released alongside 5 lipsticks of a variety of interesting  and quirky shades.

“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yourself.”

The palette itself is in stunning packaging. When you slide it out of the outer box you find it opens like this, it’s mirrored and has a magical little door with a message on it for us as you can see below.

When you open the door it has the most stunning butterfly which flaps its wings as you open. It’s actually the best packaging for a makeup palette I’ve ever seen! It’s so true to the film itself; It’s weird and wonderful, creative and colourful, delicate and quirky.

Looking at the eyeshadows themselves, the palette contains 20 pans of new and never-seen-before shades. Each line vertically is actually a tribute to a character from the film. (The back of the box contains guidance on each look) but there is a line of colours for Alice, The Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time.  Cute hey?

The colours are named after some of the characters and important references to the film as Well. I have swatched the shades with 2/3 layers of colour each so you can see what they look like on my  NC45 skin tone, and they are a lovely consistency and texture to work with. They are all fairly well pigmented. I was concerned about some of the greens in the palette thinking they would be wishy washy but they actually aren’t, they are really well pigmented. There is also a great mix of matte and shimmery/metallic shades and even some two tone shades. Seriously guys, the amount of looks one could create with this palette is huge. In true Urban Decay style, this palette also provides us with a two sided brush to apply these gorgeous colours with; A more dense side for packing colour on to the eye and a fluffier, softer side for that magic thing we all need to do called blending!


I have swatched in groups according to the look of the character.



Mad Hatter








I haven’t yet used this palette to create look on myself (it’s almost too beautiful to use), but I can already tell what shades I want to use more of- Lily, Paradox, Duchess, Hatter and Metamorphosis apply brilliantly and are gorgeous colours.  Easily for me, the best colour so far is ‘Lily’ which is two tone or duo-chrome creamy nude colour with a hint of pink when you look at it from different angle.

Being honest there were two colours I didn’t much like the consistency of, and those are from the last row and are called ‘Dream On’ and ‘Mirror’. They are slightly shimmery pigments but they didn’t spread easily and felt a bit thick and heavy even just to swatch. You can see what I mean in the picture above, however the other 18 are gorgeous.

This palette is available for £43 NOW at Selfridges.com and also in the Urban Decay Boutique at Covent Garden, London. It also releases in all other Urban Decay concessions and stores on 5th May 2016 but be quick as its limited edition and is likely to sell out pretty fast! You can always call your local store and reserve one to collect as soon as they are released- trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think? Have you got this palette? What do you think of it? Will you be buying it after seeing some of the colours? Let me know as I would love to hear your thoughts?

Mwah xxxx


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    • Yes I know a few people have resisted despite the packaging being lovely- one can end up building up quite a collection of palettes if not!! Yes I would love to follow each other I Will try and find you on bloglovin now! My Instagram is @aishasimonemua also xxx


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