Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle! Outside the comfort zone with Glitter!

Hi Guys,

Hope this blog post finds you well?  I can’t believe we are at the end of May already and now I have had yet another birthday so I am another year older, time is flying by! :

Apologies for my absence lately, I have had to have some family time out and therefore haven’t managed to blog for quite a while now.

Anyway I’m back now, with a post for all you glitter lovers. Glitter is a booming market now and most girls love glitter (I appreciate there are those of you who can’t stand the stuff, but bare with me). Glitter these days is big business, you name it, it comes with glitter- wall paper, carpets, trousers, shoes, lampshades. I think Glitter is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I mean there is even a company who, for a small fee, willl send your worst enemy a card full of glitter just to annoy them! Genius!

Now personally, I love glitter and sparkles and generally shiny things. I wanted to blog about an exciting opportunity I had to sample some new gorgeous glitters. These glitters were sent to me to try out by Bex at The Nail Space! The Nail Space have long been producing some great Glitters predominantly for nails and Nail art, but more recently Bex has brought us something new-certified cosmetic grade ultra ultra fine glitters and pigments for use on the eyes and face.

 These glitters are great because they are super pigmented and uber finely milled. I was lucky enough to trial a few from The Planet Collection. With names like Moon, Orion, Stars and Sun these glitters were lovely silvery foiled colours which go so well with their names.

I have tried to capture just how sparkly these are on video for you guys, photos just weren’t doing them justice!

I decided to have a play around using the glitters on my eyes, brows and as a highlight as I wanted to try to step outside my comfort zone a bit and try some fantasy inspired make up. What do you think?  I had such fun going this and I think it’s great for me for halloween and such but totally out of my comfort zone!

You don’t have to use these glitters to do anything as wacky as this though you could just press them onto the eye to create a glittery smokey eye look.
The Glitters are so finely milled and light and perfect for applying to the face, they are so fine in fact, you have to be careful when applying them because they fly everywhere once out of the packet and disappear into the ether. Product control and a light touch is crucial with such fine and delicate glitters, and I learnt this the hard way as at first I just waded in with my brush and poof it was gone.

Glitters and pigments won’t stick directly to the skin very well, and those that do probably wouldn’t last very long, due to oil and sebum production on the eye area. So it’s vital you press them into a cosmetic grade Glitter glue or other bonding agent. I used Violet Voss Glitter Adhesive (also available on Cocktail Cosmetics if your based in UK) which I have found to be the best glue to use for applying glitters to the eyes and face as it doesn’t dull the shine at all and lasts for a long time. If you don’t have any Glitter glue to hand then you could try applying them into some primer or even directly on top of a cream eyeshadow or a MAC Paint Pot. I tried applying too both of these as a trial and it worked very well.  I also decided to try some lip art. I pressed the pigment “Stars” (an amazingly bright and vibrant, silver pigment into Limecrime Peacock liquid lipstick. It applied on my lips really well and is so fine that once I had pressed it in,  I could no longer feel it on my lips. It really was light as a feather and a super easy look to create.

What do yo think? Can I get away with Lip art? I’m not sure I would actually dare to go out like this but I have a few friends who would and quite often do… Perhaps I should try it?

Have any of you tried any glitter techniques in your make up application? Are you a lover or hater of all things glittery? Let me know your thoughts!

The Nail Space are a great independent glitter suppliers if you love glitters then this is the place for you- you will find the most unusual and unique glitters here! Check them out at and you can also check out their social media- Instagram, Facebook and their online shop!

Until next time…

Mwah xxx




8 thoughts on “Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle! Outside the comfort zone with Glitter!

  1. Now don’t get me wrong I love make up, but glitter, now glitter is a passion of mine. These glitter pigments look amazing. As the girl who went down to her local with a full on glitter lip I love this. You so should wear it on an evening out. I’ve liked the Facebook page. I would have liked to have seen some of the glitters on nails too. Fab blog 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I have another product to review for you too- from an indie nail polish maker – she’s given me some nail products to have a play with so hold tight- you will et more doses of glitter!! Would of loved to see your glitter lips! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • I like the sound of that, althoug I’m not entirely sure what an ‘indie polish maker’ is, so I look forward to reading about it.

        I have a new Glitter Lips to try, so I will make sure I share the picture next time xx


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