Hello all,  I am Aisha Simone

I live in London, and am a Make Up Artist and Nail Technician and have been so for the past 3 years. I currently work freelance for myself as well as looking after my kids, home and trying to manage my life- who knew being a grown up would be such hard work?

This is me… this is my blog, my honest thoughts and opinions laid bare – all my own content (if I do use other images they will be credited). I wear my heart on my sleeve and I really hope this comes across in my blog. I’m new to blogging so bear with me- but here, I will write, rant and ramble about all sort of things- not just make up reviews tutorials tips and tricks- but also all the other difficult things life throws at us, things like trying to break into the industry, knock backs and dealing with rude make up counter staff. I really hope you enjoy reading. I’m always looking for feedback and of course looking to connect with others so do leave me comments and reach out with questions of what you might like to see or discuss! Also follow me on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram- @aishasimonemua is the name!