So? Fragrance Reveal! The return of the Body Mist!

So? Can anyone remember this brand from back in the day? Cast your mind back (if your old enough) circa 1995/6, ‘So Kiss Me’ was a much coveted body mist often found frequenting the (usually enormous, yet half empty) handbag of teenage girls throughout the nation! Ah the nostalgia!

Well, anyway- they are back… And tipped to be the next big beauty must have, body mists are an affordable way to smell divine without bankrupting yourself!

So? are kicking off the retro of the body mist by bringing us 6 new flavours and  I was fortunate enough to be invited to the ‘reveal’ launch party, held at Icetank in London! I attended with my trusty blogger babes in tow – VickyAnnie and Lee! We were able to smell and sample the fragrances and were offered themed mocktails and surprisingly tasty vegan canapés to boot! They even had a Photo Booth (one of my favourite things to do basically)….

Here are the fragrances:


The fragrances themselves are feminine, fruity, floral and fragrant (see what I did there?). Here are some descriptions for you to imagine such scents combined in one bottle!

  • Floriental: Floral and Fruity – (deep breath) starting off with Apple, Pear and Mandarin and moving into the scents of Freesia, Violet, Amber and Caramel to end!  Wowzers!
  • Fruity: ‘Zingy Mandarin’, Peach and Lily of the Valley all combined! Sounds cute right?
  • Vanilla Milkshake: One of my favourite food choices, so this one is bound to be a winner with me. Peach and Plum, ‘rolling into a Heart of Rose’! Sounds like Perfection!
  • Watermelon: Watermelon, Red Berries and Apple Blossom followed by Apricot and Honeysuckle with a Sugar Candy base- sounds so edible it should be given a Michelin star! Mmmm!
  • Fresh Musk: Mandarin, Peach, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley finished off with Cedar Wood and Vanilla- sounds like a fine wine!?
  • White Petals: Starting off with Bergamot, Freesia, Waterlily and finally settling into White Musk and Cedar Wood. Sounds divine…. Sigh!

Vanilla Milkshake is by far my favourite scent followed closely by Watermelon! I was given a goody bag with some to try and I must say they wear pretty well! I even gave my teenage niece some to wear at college and it got her mark of approval as being a long lasting fragrance!


These are an affordable, drug store alternative to expensive perfumes but still offer a quality and lasting fragrance – well worth their £3.99 for 100ml price tag!

So? Body mists go on sale on September 26th in Superdrug so not long to wait until you can go and try for yourselves. you can follow so? on social media @Sowithattitude and check out their website here.

Body mists are set to be bang on trend so go and jump on it… and of course let me know your thoughts!?

Mwah xxx

Note: As previously mentioned I was given some So? Body Mists at the event for the purposes of review. I am in not in anyway affiliated with So? or Superdrug. xxx


Let’s talk about lashes….KISS lashes and nails…launch party! 

Hello beauties!

September brings Autumn- great fashion- woolly jumpers, deep purples and plums and also very simply, more time….

More time in which to blog once more for you lovely’s- my post this time is going to be telling you all about a great event I was lucky enough to attend this week- the KISS launch party!

It was held at the beautiful soho hotel in London and I attended with my gorgeous girlies Annie, Jamie and Lee!

The event was held in what seemed to be the penthouse suite of the hotel meaning it was gorgeous and had amazing views of the sunset. We were spoilt with canapés and free flowing wine while we had the chance to try some of the gorgeous kiss lashes and press on nails!

Jess Wright from towie was also at the event and it was great to meet her as well as some other amazing bloggers here are some pictures from the evening!

The lashes!

There were so many different lash styles and we were able to sample a few and have them fitted by expert make up artists.

Now I love lashes which don’t have a large band meaning they fit perfectly to my eye shape and I can’t feel them or see them in my peripheral vision. I chose peony lashes and these are super wispy (my favourite type of lashes) and light on the eyes. I actually love them! This event was showcasing their new blooming lash range- the lashes in this range are beautiful named daisy, peony and Lily! I love super wispy but natural lashes so I was reccomended the peony lashes. The lashes in this range are layered for maximum effect – this gives the illusion of a double stacked lash butwoth a single lightweight band! Perfect for me!

For people wanting a more voluminous look they have the volume range with the ritzy lashes and at the other end of the scale of you want something a bit more natural go for the so natural lashes in sultry! My gorgeous friend Lee has an east Asian eye shape so for her the natural sultry lashes worked amazingly!



We were treated to a manicure using kiss impress press on manicure acrylic nails or kiss gel fantasy nails.  which are waterproof and long lasting! You can apply these yourself and they come in a range of designs from glittery to sparkly to French they have a high shine with a pre cured too gel and can be worn for up to 7 days! Here are the lovely Annie’s nails after her manicure!

Kiss lashes are avaliable in both super drug and boots from just £4.49 and they have a current deal on! Kiss salon acrylic nails in boots from £5.98 and impress nails are in asda from £5.98

Racism in the modern day nail industry.

Hello everyone,

I have thought long and hard about writing this post and it’s taken me sometime to get round to writing it because of the sensitive nature of it. However a friend recently urged me to speak out on it through my blog and I agreed because I think it’s a post which needs to be raised and discussed. So I’m going ahead and writing it anyway. It’s a controversial post though so it may raise a few eyebrows!

So, rewind to two years ago, and I was a new nail technician- starting out. I was honored to be asked by a friend to compete as a hand model for her entry into a well known nail competition at Olympia in London. It’s a huge event, and taken very seriously in the nail industry. My friend had joined a brand team and was being mentored by a certain well-known local educator from a VERY well known and well respected nail brand. I was also in the process of training with said brand in a range of nail techniques. I knew this local educator, had spent a lot of money with her and was eagerly awaiting more training, so I was happy to get involved in the competition part of it. So my friend and I got to work, practicing like crazy- I wanted her to place well, so I was doing everything I could to grow my nails and look after my hands.

After some weeks my friend tells me that she has been advised by this educator (for top world renowned nail brand who knew me and also knew she was using me as her model) not to use a black, tan or Indian Asian hand model for the competition entry  (I may be paraphrasing somewhat here but) the message generally was that darker skin models won’t win because it doesn’t look good. She should only use Caucasian or very light skinned people to model with! Sorry? What?  I thought hand models were picked for the natural length of the nails and fingers. This is suggesting in effect, that the whole Olympia nail competition (as well as the worldwide nail competition industry) is the same; discriminatory, racist, prejudiced. I doubted the whole industry because of this and wanted nothing more to do with it.

I had never in my life heard anything as so blatantly prejudice and racist as this. I was sickened and disgusted. A well-known educator and nail ‘personality’ who people know and respect, someone who spent much of their career bragging about equality would say such a thing?

It’s disgusting; it’s disgraceful and everything in-between. It’s all the swear words under the sun and more. It’s racist and bigoted. This was someone I had previously liked and looked up to saying this so for me it was a huge kick in the teeth.  It’s also hypocritical because this person was a so-called ambassador for equality within the nail industry. I was shocked. I immediately disassociated myself from her, and the brand who she works for. I also disassociated myself from her training facility in London and cancelled all further training and (mysteriously) although I didn’t ever complain or contact her directly about it I was contacted by one of her minions and given a refund on all deposits paid on courses.

Really and truly it’s sad that in this day and age, darker skinned people aren’t seen as beautiful too. Instead they are considered ugly, not fit to model, not to be seen on the catwalks…. not fit to hand model!!!!  As I’m writing this, I’m finding myself livid all over again that this even happened.

It’s a sensitive post yes and I’m frustrated because I can’t actually directly name and shame the nail brand publicly, but this experience shaped my nail career, it massively changed my outlook on nails, and the industry in general. It made me feel like because of my skin colour I couldn’t participate in competitions and made me feel like my skin colour wasn’t pretty enough to hand model. I never did get to find out for certain whether this is the view of the nail competition scene in general- I didn’t stay around long enough to find out, but I do know that people of colour rarely appear as hand models in these competitions and place- you just have to look back at the past winners to see that.

So why didn’t I complain formally? Why didn’t I broadcast it to anyone who would listen, I hear you all cry?!  Well the honest answer is- at the time I didn’t feel I could. I didn’t think it would be believed. I was a new nail tech starting out in the nail game and I didn’t feel I had a voice! The friend who told me what was said dropped out of competing after all in disgust and asked me not to make a formal complaint. The educator in question is a family favourite with this nail brand and a well known face on the nail scene. We basically felt they would simply ‘Spin’ the story to discredit us and make it seem either like a mountain was being made from a molehill or simply that we were liars. This post has been therapeutic to say the least because clearly I still carry hard feelings about it but largely I’m over it. I’ve moved on. However I would never train or buy with this brand ever again and I wish when I see others praising this individual that I could scream from the hills what she really is.

If you haven’t already guessed the nail brand, I would like to say they are well known worldwide and originate from the U.S.A – I would like to think their representatives in other countries aren’t so disgraceful but who knows. I’m so sorry for being cryptic but let’s just say when it comes to feeling respect from them – I didn’t and the love I did feel was short-lived!

Feel free to like, share, comment and spread the word on this one- it shouldn’t really be swept under the rug. If any of you have experienced similar don’t feel you can’t speak out. It should not be tolerated at all!

Until next time,