Let’s talk about lashes….KISS lashes and nails…launch party! 

Hello beauties!

September brings Autumn- great fashion- woolly jumpers, deep purples and plums and also very simply, more time….

More time in which to blog once more for you lovely’s- my post this time is going to be telling you all about a great event I was lucky enough to attend this week- the KISS launch party!

It was held at the beautiful soho hotel in London and I attended with my gorgeous girlies Annie, Jamie and Lee!

The event was held in what seemed to be the penthouse suite of the hotel meaning it was gorgeous and had amazing views of the sunset. We were spoilt with canapés and free flowing wine while we had the chance to try some of the gorgeous kiss lashes and press on nails!

Jess Wright from towie was also at the event and it was great to meet her as well as some other amazing bloggers here are some pictures from the evening!

The lashes!

There were so many different lash styles and we were able to sample a few and have them fitted by expert make up artists.

Now I love lashes which don’t have a large band meaning they fit perfectly to my eye shape and I can’t feel them or see them in my peripheral vision. I chose peony lashes and these are super wispy (my favourite type of lashes) and light on the eyes. I actually love them! This event was showcasing their new blooming lash range- the lashes in this range are beautiful named daisy, peony and Lily! I love super wispy but natural lashes so I was reccomended the peony lashes. The lashes in this range are layered for maximum effect – this gives the illusion of a double stacked lash butwoth a single lightweight band! Perfect for me!

For people wanting a more voluminous look they have the volume range with the ritzy lashes and at the other end of the scale of you want something a bit more natural go for the so natural lashes in sultry! My gorgeous friend Lee has an east Asian eye shape so for her the natural sultry lashes worked amazingly!



We were treated to a manicure using kiss impress press on manicure acrylic nails or kiss gel fantasy nails.  which are waterproof and long lasting! You can apply these yourself and they come in a range of designs from glittery to sparkly to French they have a high shine with a pre cured too gel and can be worn for up to 7 days! Here are the lovely Annie’s nails after her manicure!

Kiss lashes are avaliable in both super drug and boots from just £4.49 and they have a current deal on! Kiss salon acrylic nails in boots from £5.98 and impress nails are in asda from £5.98


Bloggers Ball 2016!

Howd’y Campers!

Hope today is a happy chilled Sunday for you too- I’m still in my pyjamas as I’m shattered from yesterday! Also it’s Father’s day here in England so Happy Father’s Day all!!!

So this blog post is going to be on The Bloggers Ball 2016 which I attended yesterday- if your a blogger you may be interested in this post and details of how to attend will be at the bottom of the post, even if your not a blogger then this post will give you some insight into what we bloggers get up to when we have some time!

So what is the bloggers ball?

It’s literally just that! an event, designed for bloggers or aspiring bloggers to attend, meet and greet, let their hair down, network and have some fun. Seriously guys, this is one event I would encourage you all to go to. Think 400 blogging professionals and creatives, a large selection of gorgeous, creative and inspiring brands all with giveaways and goody bags prepared for bloggers to write on, wine and canapés (of course) all together under one roof, and set in in the decadent and classy DSTRKT club in Piccadilly London. I whole heartedly thank the wonderful Scarlett London for organising this wonderful event and I can’t wait for the next one.

I was invited along by my friend and fellow blogger Jamie from at Tannedbeautyaddict blog, we also met up with a few of our blogger babes; Annie also known as Musingsofamakeupjunkie, the lovely Victoria from Beautybreakswithvicky and the amazing Shanel from Babblingon and all went together. It was a great chance to get all dolled up and go out, but seriously be careful what shoes you wear and know your limitations! I stupidly thought it would be wise to wear fairly high heels to go out and that was all well and good at 11am in the morning but by 4pm that afternoon I was teetering around the place and my feet were in agony! (Note to self: must get better at wearing heels for attending such events).

Anyway- check out some pics from the packed event! Feast your eyes on the lovely displays and treats on offer to us:

Absolutely gorgeous and unique jewellery by designer Fei Lui

Look packed the event was! Full of bloggers, brands and creatives!


Also a few pics of me and the girls at the event- beware there is lots of pouting!

What goodies did I get?

First up, these lovely scents from So with Attitude- a great, affordable fragrance brand who were very generous and gave us all these wonderful scents to try out! My favourites have to be ‘So Rio’ body spray and ‘So Eternal’ fragrance. I remember having these back in my teenage years so this was a dose of nostalgia for me! You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @sowithattitude and at their website www.sowithattitude.com


Second up are these wonderful skin care products by Bravura London. I have heard great things from other beauty addicts and MUAs about the brand so I am very eager to try it. At the ball I had a chance to meet with the MD and have a chat about my skin and she gave me these lovely products to try and fix my congestion spots and problem areas. You can order these products from www.bravuralondon.com and find them on social media @bravuralondon.


Lipivir were giving away an array of lip products for everyone to try- they even had my old 90s favourite Heather Shimmer by Rimmel. Brought back some serious memories for me of being 13 and rocking it with bright green eyeshadow but anyhoooooo….. Thanks!!! find them on social media @lipivir or at http://www.lipivir.com


Being a nail tech as well as an MUA, I was glad to get my hands on a goody bag from professional beauty supplier Just Beauty UK. I got to try  Orly FX and Bluesky polishes and a Mylee nail file! Check them out for all your professional nail care needs @justbeautyUK or on their website www.justbeauty.co.ukimg_6263

Lastly I can’t wait to do this hair mask from the lovely hair care brand Vatika Naturals- I’ve heard great things about their natural products for hair and skin and I have super dry hair, so I have no doubt these coconut and garlic oil based products will do wonders for it. Find them on their social media @Vatikauk or at www.vatikanaturals.co.uk they are also sold in Superdrug!



There was more…. much much more to be done and seen here… I just couldn’t fit it all in this blog post, but check out the lovely @scarlettlondon and follow the hashtags #bloggersball on all social media, to see more great pictures of the event.

Want to join us?

You would be most welcome. The next event which is upcoming is the Bloggers Festival which is to be held in London and the lovely Conrad St James Hotel on Saturday 3rd September 2016. I will be there with bells on! come and join us!! If you would like to book tickets then you can do so here or you could contact Scarlett London via her social media handles @scarlettLevents or via her webpage www.scarlettlondon.com/sl-events

Some Photo credits go to my lovely make up/beauty and lifestyle blogging babes: Go follow them on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook: @babblingon @makeup_musings @beautybreakswithvicky @tannedbeautyaddict

and also…. check out their blogs for more info and great pics of the events:





Do you have these events in your town or city? if so would love to hear about them. If you are planning on coming to the next event- please hit me up and let me know! Would be lovely to see you there!!

Mwah xxx



Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Review and swatches!


Hope you’ve all enjoyed the long weekend – whether it be a UK Bank Holiday weekend or Memorial Weekend in the states…. or if you have been back at work today then I hope this blog post brings you some joy at least!

I had to jump on here tonight to write an emergency blog post because today -I GOT MY BECCA CHAMPAGNE COLLECTION PALETTES!!!! YAAASSSSSSS!!!

I was long awaiting the release of this Limited Edition palette and I new it would be popular, so I  was determined to get it even if it killed me! Release date was 26th May 2016, the time? 5pm (GMT). I needed silence, I needed to focus!  I demanded quiet from whoever was in the house at the time; the kids, the dog (yeah right!) and even the poor neighbour who was (sod’s law) at the door at five to five asking if I was coming to Zumba that night! With all distractions gone, I positioned myself at my computer, finger on the mouse, waiting with baited breath- 4.57 hit and I refreshed- Yesssss it was live!!! I clicked away, frantically loading my online basket and well- fortune favours the brave as they say! It appeared that fate was on my side (for that day at least) I was able to get one!

I was super impressed with the speed of service because I only ordered on Thursday evening and it’s made its way across the pond already (Monday and bank holiday at that).  The team at Sephora are doing good!

When I hear the names Becca and Jaclyn Hill in the same sentence, I automatically think luminous, glowy, shimmering, natural and pretty and ‘for everyone;.  Upon unboxing and examination – I see the these palettes have reached all those connotations and more.

The Champagne Collection Face Palette

The palette itself comes gloriously packaged in a gold and white shiny metal casing! It screams luxurious glamour and glowy shimmering perfection. It contains x5 pans:

Champagne Pop (0.19oz)- Glorious shimmering pinky, peach golden highlight- officially my favourite highlight of 2015.

Prosecco Pop (0.19oz)- a close rival to champagne pop, this highlight has more warm, golden hues- great for those with darker and tan skins- this highlight just pops!

Amaretto (0.12oz)- A matte mid brown- almond coloured mental  blush/contour/bronzer shade- great for adding warmth to the face.

Pamplemouse (o.12oz)- a warm, coral, pink shade a mineral blush -great for a warm sun kissed blush.

Rose Spritz (o.10oz)- a lovely two toned, peachy pink, luminous blush with a golden undertone- I love love love this blush- great for all skin tones too!





They really did think of everyone with this palette because the combinations are endless- you can mix and match the shades and layer them to create any desired look and every skin tone is catered for. They really are universal and would be lovely for a classy, glowy bridal look or evening make up! This palette would be one I would reach for everyday!

The Champagne Collection Eye palette

Like the face palette, the eye palette is very universal an comes with x5 0.06 pans with creamy shades that we can all use regardless of our skin tone and complexion. The colours are as follows:

Chardonnay -golden shade with pink and yellow hues- great under brow and tear duct highlight

Champagne Toast- my favourite shade, a gorgeous warm shimmering peach hue with  “a dash of cinnamon”

Cordial- matte, soft and warm, rose brown- deal for transition and crease shade.

Cognac – matte, coffee coloured shade great for the crease and intensifying any eye look

Bordeaux -rich, deep, matte  colour with deep chocolate undertones. Great for smoking out the eye, darkening the crease or cut crease looks and defining the waterline.




The eye palette can create any number of looks for any skin tones. It could be used to create soft, glowy, day make up look or dark and smoked out and packed on colour evening look. I was actually a bit dubious about buying yet another eye palette but this is gorgeous, and I love that its compact, small and great for the make up travel bag.

Edit: Becca & Jaclyn have pulled this palette! It will not be launched on 16thnjune at the restock or 21st in space NK or in store and will no longer be produced at all!  The reviews on it were bad, and apparently it was produced in China in order to meet time restrictions to launch the collection by a certain date. As you can see from the swatches the palette isn’t as pigmented as some other shadows I have previously swatches and after writing my review I tested the palette out and wore it for a dinner date with my brother and I really had to prime my eyes and pack the colour on for it to be at all noticeable. After talking with other bloggers and MUA’s this week I learnt they were also disappointed with the formula of the shadows too.  It seems sadly this palette was released in a rush and they have compromised on ingredients and therefore quality of the product. All palettes are being refunded apparently. I am not impressed at all and can only apologise to anyone who bought the eye palette after reading this blog and have contacted both Becca and Sephora to find out further information on being refunded and I will post an update when I have one. Disappointing to say the least! So many cosmetics companies have made major boo boos lately and everything seems to be driven by greed and social media hype! I actually think this calls for another blog post….

Fancy copping one for yourself?

Better be quick, this palette is Limited Edition….. meaning when it’s gone, its gone! It’s currently being sold on sephora.com and retails at $52 for the face palette and $40 for the eye shadow palette. It’s currently showing as SOLD OUT although it should re stock online launch in store on 16th June2016.Within the UK its due in the lovely Space NK on June 21st 2016 both in store and online- however  I still don’t know the UK RRP!

If your in the UK and can’t wait for our release, you can of course order direct from Sephora and they calculate the shipping and customs at checkout- remember the more you order, the less in shipping you will pay so maybe worth clubbing together with fellow make up lovers to buy this one- however the face palette is (sensibly) limited to x3 per customer.

What do you guys think? Do you have this palette? Is it on its way to you?  I for one, think on this occasion this product was worth the hype, especially the face palette! I love it and I can see myself reaching for this palette most days and I sincerely hope that Becca make it a more permanent feature!

until next time….




“We’re all mad here”, Urban Decay: Alice into the Looking Glass Palette

“I know who I was when I got up this morning? But I must have changed several times since then.”

Hi guys,

Hope this blog post finds you well- this is a very short and sweet post just to show you the latest offering from Urban Decay, the Alice in Wonderland Palette and swatches.  Inspired by the new Disney film ‘Alice into the Looking Glass’ which releases soon, this Limited Edition palette has been long awaited. Let’s face it, I am a sucker for all things Disney, so when this collection released last week in at the Urban Decay Flagship store I had to fly down there and pick up a few for myself and a few of my make up addict friends. The palette also released alongside 5 lipsticks of a variety of interesting  and quirky shades.

“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yourself.”

The palette itself is in stunning packaging. When you slide it out of the outer box you find it opens like this, it’s mirrored and has a magical little door with a message on it for us as you can see below.

When you open the door it has the most stunning butterfly which flaps its wings as you open. It’s actually the best packaging for a makeup palette I’ve ever seen! It’s so true to the film itself; It’s weird and wonderful, creative and colourful, delicate and quirky.

Looking at the eyeshadows themselves, the palette contains 20 pans of new and never-seen-before shades. Each line vertically is actually a tribute to a character from the film. (The back of the box contains guidance on each look) but there is a line of colours for Alice, The Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time.  Cute hey?

The colours are named after some of the characters and important references to the film as Well. I have swatched the shades with 2/3 layers of colour each so you can see what they look like on my  NC45 skin tone, and they are a lovely consistency and texture to work with. They are all fairly well pigmented. I was concerned about some of the greens in the palette thinking they would be wishy washy but they actually aren’t, they are really well pigmented. There is also a great mix of matte and shimmery/metallic shades and even some two tone shades. Seriously guys, the amount of looks one could create with this palette is huge. In true Urban Decay style, this palette also provides us with a two sided brush to apply these gorgeous colours with; A more dense side for packing colour on to the eye and a fluffier, softer side for that magic thing we all need to do called blending!


I have swatched in groups according to the look of the character.



Mad Hatter








I haven’t yet used this palette to create look on myself (it’s almost too beautiful to use), but I can already tell what shades I want to use more of- Lily, Paradox, Duchess, Hatter and Metamorphosis apply brilliantly and are gorgeous colours.  Easily for me, the best colour so far is ‘Lily’ which is two tone or duo-chrome creamy nude colour with a hint of pink when you look at it from different angle.

Being honest there were two colours I didn’t much like the consistency of, and those are from the last row and are called ‘Dream On’ and ‘Mirror’. They are slightly shimmery pigments but they didn’t spread easily and felt a bit thick and heavy even just to swatch. You can see what I mean in the picture above, however the other 18 are gorgeous.

This palette is available for £43 NOW at Selfridges.com and also in the Urban Decay Boutique at Covent Garden, London. It also releases in all other Urban Decay concessions and stores on 5th May 2016 but be quick as its limited edition and is likely to sell out pretty fast! You can always call your local store and reserve one to collect as soon as they are released- trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think? Have you got this palette? What do you think of it? Will you be buying it after seeing some of the colours? Let me know as I would love to hear your thoughts?

Mwah xxxx

New must have: Melt Cosmetics ‘Dark Matter’ Eyeshadow Stack


OMG guys, had to blog today because I finally got the chance to use my ‘Dark Matter’ Stack from Melt Cosmetics and I had to tell you about it! ‘Dark Matter’ is one of 3 stacks in the Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow offering and it’s my personal favourite because it is an all rounder,  sort of a holy grail stack for the ultimate smokey eye. They also have ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Radioactive’ stacks. ‘Radioactive’ looks amazing, its so bright, vibrant and pigmented (may have to be my next purchase). These stacks retail for $48 and Melt Cosmetics do ship internationally.

Melt Cosmetics aren’t very well known in the UK actually, I believe they are better known America, however serious make up junkies (and hopefully soon everyone else) will know about them! They see to be a hip, cool and funky, brand- a bit alternative with great and unusual offerings in the matte lipstick department- as well as these brilliant stacks. The brand was started by two friends-Lora and Dana who were work colleagues working on  make up counters in a department store, before they teamed up to start this great line. The brand has a almost retro feel with a modern twist and specialises in bright colours and uber matte finishes to their products.

One of the things which made this brand stand out to me is the packaging for their awesome eyeshadow ‘Stacks’. As you can see the eyeshadow pans come in this chic, circular, stack of eyeshadow pans- which are magnetic so they can can stack together or pull apart like so……

It’s so cool and unique isn’t it? As soon as I saw it, I had to have it!  Not only is it neat and compact, but its also great for Make Up Artists on the job, as its very compact and space saving. You could even buy all their stacks and as they are magnetic you could stick them all together if you wanted! The stack contains 4 highly pigmented, very matte shades as follows (in order they are swatched):


Enigma- My favourite colour from the palette,  Rusty red-brown great for in the crease.

Blurr- soft blending and transition colour or under brow and tear duct.

Dark Matter-Very highly pigmented and dark black colour.

Unseen- a cool-medium caramel brown- great transition for me personally.

What do you think?


The eyeshadow pans are really big and contain a large amount of product. The palette is great for almost any combination of colours for a smokey eye and the black in this palette is super pigmented, and there was ZERO fall out. The colours are creamy and smooth and very blendable. I adore the consistency and would be hard pushed to find better. It is definitely worth its price tag.

Here is the look I created to go to a friends birthday lunch!


You can find this stack and the other two stacks at www.meltcosmetics.com and you can follow them on Instagram here.

Seriously guys check it out on their website…. currently sadly the Dark Matter stacks are sold out but I expect there will be a restock very very soon!!  Let me know what you think of Dark Matter? Will you try to get your hands on it? Maybe you have one of their other stacks already? Let me know!

Oooooh….exciting news for my next blog post, I have ordered six of the seven Kylie Jenner lip kits! I’m not sure many of them will suit me but I just wanted to see what the hype is about and so blog about them to be honest. Stay tuned for that upcoming post as I will also leave some links and tips on getting your hands on the stacks as that wasn’t easy-even for a make up junkie like me!!!

Until then….



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Dose Of Colors: Hidden Treasure Palette Review

Hello all,

I hope this blog post finds you well, I have been uber excited about posting this one, as I was able to get hold of the Dose Of Colors, Hidden Treasure palette this week! I had been waiting for a few weeks for it to make its way to me from the U.S. and finally it arrived!!! I’ve been raving about it on my Instagram for the past couple of days- you may have seen. It’s beautiful! Dose Of Colors aren’t that well known over here- but they have a lot to offer and they are mostly known among make up addicts for their lip glosses so I was excited to try a palette from them. (I will link you to where you can buy this palette and other DOC products at the end)

It’s a Limited Edition, 10 shade palette, and all the shades are gorgeous rich. coppery, bronzey orangey colours. Its cruelty free, 4 free and the pans are medium sized, fairly deep and densely packed thus holding quite a lot of product.  Personally I love the layout of the palette, however the OCD tendencies in some of you may find the layout of the pans irritating to be fair. It comes in lovely very well designed, mirrored packaging.

The colours are as follows:

5 foiled metallic shadows called-Coin, Crown, Ruby, Gemstone and Diamond. They are extremely heavily pigmented and really shine on the skin. They can also be used wet or dry so I would recommend dampening your brush and then applying them if you want a really popping colour. Coin is the holy grail of gold foiled eyeshadows and I reach for it time and time again when doing clients.

4 matte eyeshadows called -Key, Map, Onyx and Locket. These shades are very well pigmented in fact the black (Onyx) reminds me of the black in the naked 2 palette, in that it is very very black, has very little fall out and is perfect for smokey eye looks or deepening and intensifying any eyeshadow look. Key, Map and Locket are brilliant transition shades as well as great for soft smokey eyes.

Pearl is a very light shimmery eyeshadow designed with the inner eye or brow bone highlight in mind.

It’s gorgeous right? Here are the swatches on my arm- each swatch is 2-3 applications of colour and not really blended so you can see their true colouring.



So how do they apply?

That is the question! I very quickly used them to test on eye yesterday and my feeling is they are lovely to work with. They are very smooth, creamy and blend well, the matte shadows are really matte and great transition shades. There was very little fall out from the matte shades, however the foiled shades did have some fall out- which is to be expected from foiled shadows in my opinion. If a little care is taken when applying, ultimately the fall out is minimal. The shadows have a high quality feel to them, and although the palette has quite a high price point it’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to this palette.

Disclaimer: In the below pictures, I have awful and ungroomed brows at the moment so please excuse them- I know, I know- it’s not good enough, but in my defence I have been stuck at home all week with an ill kid. I used Key as a transition shade, Onyx- to deepen the corners, the beautiful stunning Ruby in the middle and Coin in the inner corner.

Where can you get it?

Unfortunately its not available in the U.K. (Some Dose of Colors stock is carried at Beauty Bay although this palette isn’t currently).  I had to order this directly from Dose of Colors directly (and pay the damn customs charges) to get it. It retails at $50.00 which was about £35 but then the customs charges were £7 (plus the annoying Royal Mail £8 handling fee) so this actually works out to be quite expensive. It is worth it in my opinion, however because your getting 10 really unique shades I haven’t found anything quite like Ruby for instance and coin is my go to for clients wanting gold smokey eyes- I’ve never found anything like it anywhere! It’s actually the best foiled gold ever and totally unique. I can see how some people may not want to pay such a high price for this though… I guess it all depends how much of a make up addict you are I suppose, also remember its limited edition, and may well sell out very soon although Dose of Colors may bring it back we just don’t know ey?

Let me know what your thoughts are? Will you be getting it? Or do you have it already? Let me know make up lovers.