Bloggers Ball 2016!

Howd’y Campers!

Hope today is a happy chilled Sunday for you too- I’m still in my pyjamas as I’m shattered from yesterday! Also it’s Father’s day here in England so Happy Father’s Day all!!!

So this blog post is going to be on The Bloggers Ball 2016 which I attended yesterday- if your a blogger you may be interested in this post and details of how to attend will be at the bottom of the post, even if your not a blogger then this post will give you some insight into what we bloggers get up to when we have some time!

So what is the bloggers ball?

It’s literally just that! an event, designed for bloggers or aspiring bloggers to attend, meet and greet, let their hair down, network and have some fun. Seriously guys, this is one event I would encourage you all to go to. Think 400 blogging professionals and creatives, a large selection of gorgeous, creative and inspiring brands all with giveaways and goody bags prepared for bloggers to write on, wine and canapés (of course) all together under one roof, and set in in the decadent and classy DSTRKT club in Piccadilly London. I whole heartedly thank the wonderful Scarlett London for organising this wonderful event and I can’t wait for the next one.

I was invited along by my friend and fellow blogger Jamie from at Tannedbeautyaddict blog, we also met up with a few of our blogger babes; Annie also known as Musingsofamakeupjunkie, the lovely Victoria from Beautybreakswithvicky and the amazing Shanel from Babblingon and all went together. It was a great chance to get all dolled up and go out, but seriously be careful what shoes you wear and know your limitations! I stupidly thought it would be wise to wear fairly high heels to go out and that was all well and good at 11am in the morning but by 4pm that afternoon I was teetering around the place and my feet were in agony! (Note to self: must get better at wearing heels for attending such events).

Anyway- check out some pics from the packed event! Feast your eyes on the lovely displays and treats on offer to us:

Absolutely gorgeous and unique jewellery by designer Fei Lui

Look packed the event was! Full of bloggers, brands and creatives!


Also a few pics of me and the girls at the event- beware there is lots of pouting!

What goodies did I get?

First up, these lovely scents from So with Attitude- a great, affordable fragrance brand who were very generous and gave us all these wonderful scents to try out! My favourites have to be ‘So Rio’ body spray and ‘So Eternal’ fragrance. I remember having these back in my teenage years so this was a dose of nostalgia for me! You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @sowithattitude and at their website


Second up are these wonderful skin care products by Bravura London. I have heard great things from other beauty addicts and MUAs about the brand so I am very eager to try it. At the ball I had a chance to meet with the MD and have a chat about my skin and she gave me these lovely products to try and fix my congestion spots and problem areas. You can order these products from and find them on social media @bravuralondon.


Lipivir were giving away an array of lip products for everyone to try- they even had my old 90s favourite Heather Shimmer by Rimmel. Brought back some serious memories for me of being 13 and rocking it with bright green eyeshadow but anyhoooooo….. Thanks!!! find them on social media @lipivir or at


Being a nail tech as well as an MUA, I was glad to get my hands on a goody bag from professional beauty supplier Just Beauty UK. I got to try  Orly FX and Bluesky polishes and a Mylee nail file! Check them out for all your professional nail care needs @justbeautyUK or on their website

Lastly I can’t wait to do this hair mask from the lovely hair care brand Vatika Naturals- I’ve heard great things about their natural products for hair and skin and I have super dry hair, so I have no doubt these coconut and garlic oil based products will do wonders for it. Find them on their social media @Vatikauk or at they are also sold in Superdrug!



There was more…. much much more to be done and seen here… I just couldn’t fit it all in this blog post, but check out the lovely @scarlettlondon and follow the hashtags #bloggersball on all social media, to see more great pictures of the event.

Want to join us?

You would be most welcome. The next event which is upcoming is the Bloggers Festival which is to be held in London and the lovely Conrad St James Hotel on Saturday 3rd September 2016. I will be there with bells on! come and join us!! If you would like to book tickets then you can do so here or you could contact Scarlett London via her social media handles @scarlettLevents or via her webpage

Some Photo credits go to my lovely make up/beauty and lifestyle blogging babes: Go follow them on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook: @babblingon @makeup_musings @beautybreakswithvicky @tannedbeautyaddict

and also…. check out their blogs for more info and great pics of the events:





Do you have these events in your town or city? if so would love to hear about them. If you are planning on coming to the next event- please hit me up and let me know! Would be lovely to see you there!!

Mwah xxx




Blog update on THAT post and an affordable skincare haul at Boots

Hello all,

It’s been a week or so since my last post so I thought I should blog again, really to thank everyone. I was honestly overwhelmed by the support and response I had on it. It was quite a difficult post to write and clearly a very controversial topic. I didn’t expect it to reach anywhere near as far as it did. I am so touched that so many of you decided to stop by and read my little blog as literally I imagined it being read only by a few of my nearest and dearest. So many of you messaged me in support of my post and I was actually very shocked.

Being honest, I went through a whirlwind of emotions after I posted it, mainly because of the controversy and accusations in the comments section from a certain person on my own blog! However many came forward to challenge him and those who didn’t want to speak publicly, privately messaged me supportive words. It was lovely to read how many people agreed that what happened was NOT ok!  It was also nice to read how many people had similar experiences, where they had been put down, oppressed, bullied or discriminated against on the basis of how they looked.  I hope that post has inspired people not to accept prejudice or at least helped people to realise that diversity is good, differences are beautiful and theres no such thing as perfect. For the most part I think we all agree on that. So once again a big, huge, mahooosive thank you to you all. If you don’t know what I’m rambling on about, you can read the post here.

So, just as a little up-lift  (and because I’m excited I had what could actually be called a ‘haul’) I thought I would share my most recent Boots purchases with you. Skincare in Boots seems to be sale at the moment in various ways (3rd off, buy one get one free etc) and some of you may want to pop down or visit them online and grab a few items while they are on sale.

Those who know me know I am rubbish when it comes to my skin. Because I don’t really have problem skin of any description, I do literally nothing with it other than wash with soap and water and moisturise it. If it’s lucky it might see some Micellar Water, but sometimes I even (shamefully) take off my make up with baby wipes! (why am I even admitting this?). So a few of my friends have been nagging at me to start a skincare routine and I finally caved. I don’t think skincare needs to cost an arm and a leg, there are plenty of products which do the job well and you can pick up in your local drugstore.

Here’s what I grabbed (with links) and why.

img_4551Garner Skin Active Oil-Infused Micellar Water – Something everyone seems to be raving  about this product, and I tried it out its seriously good stuff- it took off my make up last night so effortlessly- even my gel liner! It smells nice, its gentle and leaves that added moisture in your face because of the oil. This is on offer at 2 for £7 in store at current and of all the products I bought yesterday, I would encourage everyone to go and buy this one!

Nip and Fab Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Pads– everyone raves about these as being excellent for that deep cleanse. Let me warn you they absolutely stink but they contain lots of goodness like salicylic + hyaluronic acid and witch hazel. These hydrate and plump the skin as well as deeply cleanse the pores and remove imperfections. This is currently £4.97 (reduced from £9.95)

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub– I really want to start exfoliating more regularly, this was on sale and is just £3.28 online and contains Salicylic and Glycolic acid to deeply cleanse pores and gently remove the dead skin.

Una Brennan- Superfacialist Retinol Anti Ageing Night Cream– I’m not one for anti ageing lotions and potions. I’m more of believer that ageing is determined by ones lifestyle and genetics. However this line came highly recommended and is currently on sale at half price and feels very high end. I tested it last night and this morning my skin feels amazingly nourished and supple. It contains Retinol which is supposed to encourage cell rejuvenation and therefore leaves skin feeling younger and fresher but be aware if you have sensitive skin build up use of this gradually and avoid applying too close to the eye area. This cost me £9.99 as opposed to £19.99 which is quite a saving.

Have you used any of these products? What do you think?

If you reading from abroad, do your drugstores carry these brands too?  I’m keeping it short and sweet for today- but don’t worry I will be back again later this week with another blog post!


until then…..




Racism in the modern day nail industry.

Hello everyone,

I have thought long and hard about writing this post and it’s taken me sometime to get round to writing it because of the sensitive nature of it. However a friend recently urged me to speak out on it through my blog and I agreed because I think it’s a post which needs to be raised and discussed. So I’m going ahead and writing it anyway. It’s a controversial post though so it may raise a few eyebrows!

So, rewind to two years ago, and I was a new nail technician- starting out. I was honored to be asked by a friend to compete as a hand model for her entry into a well known nail competition at Olympia in London. It’s a huge event, and taken very seriously in the nail industry. My friend had joined a brand team and was being mentored by a certain well-known local educator from a VERY well known and well respected nail brand. I was also in the process of training with said brand in a range of nail techniques. I knew this local educator, had spent a lot of money with her and was eagerly awaiting more training, so I was happy to get involved in the competition part of it. So my friend and I got to work, practicing like crazy- I wanted her to place well, so I was doing everything I could to grow my nails and look after my hands.

After some weeks my friend tells me that she has been advised by this educator (for top world renowned nail brand who knew me and also knew she was using me as her model) not to use a black, tan or Indian Asian hand model for the competition entry  (I may be paraphrasing somewhat here but) the message generally was that darker skin models won’t win because it doesn’t look good. She should only use Caucasian or very light skinned people to model with! Sorry? What?  I thought hand models were picked for the natural length of the nails and fingers. This is suggesting in effect, that the whole Olympia nail competition (as well as the worldwide nail competition industry) is the same; discriminatory, racist, prejudiced. I doubted the whole industry because of this and wanted nothing more to do with it.

I had never in my life heard anything as so blatantly prejudice and racist as this. I was sickened and disgusted. A well-known educator and nail ‘personality’ who people know and respect, someone who spent much of their career bragging about equality would say such a thing?

It’s disgusting; it’s disgraceful and everything in-between. It’s all the swear words under the sun and more. It’s racist and bigoted. This was someone I had previously liked and looked up to saying this so for me it was a huge kick in the teeth.  It’s also hypocritical because this person was a so-called ambassador for equality within the nail industry. I was shocked. I immediately disassociated myself from her, and the brand who she works for. I also disassociated myself from her training facility in London and cancelled all further training and (mysteriously) although I didn’t ever complain or contact her directly about it I was contacted by one of her minions and given a refund on all deposits paid on courses.

Really and truly it’s sad that in this day and age, darker skinned people aren’t seen as beautiful too. Instead they are considered ugly, not fit to model, not to be seen on the catwalks…. not fit to hand model!!!!  As I’m writing this, I’m finding myself livid all over again that this even happened.

It’s a sensitive post yes and I’m frustrated because I can’t actually directly name and shame the nail brand publicly, but this experience shaped my nail career, it massively changed my outlook on nails, and the industry in general. It made me feel like because of my skin colour I couldn’t participate in competitions and made me feel like my skin colour wasn’t pretty enough to hand model. I never did get to find out for certain whether this is the view of the nail competition scene in general- I didn’t stay around long enough to find out, but I do know that people of colour rarely appear as hand models in these competitions and place- you just have to look back at the past winners to see that.

So why didn’t I complain formally? Why didn’t I broadcast it to anyone who would listen, I hear you all cry?!  Well the honest answer is- at the time I didn’t feel I could. I didn’t think it would be believed. I was a new nail tech starting out in the nail game and I didn’t feel I had a voice! The friend who told me what was said dropped out of competing after all in disgust and asked me not to make a formal complaint. The educator in question is a family favourite with this nail brand and a well known face on the nail scene. We basically felt they would simply ‘Spin’ the story to discredit us and make it seem either like a mountain was being made from a molehill or simply that we were liars. This post has been therapeutic to say the least because clearly I still carry hard feelings about it but largely I’m over it. I’ve moved on. However I would never train or buy with this brand ever again and I wish when I see others praising this individual that I could scream from the hills what she really is.

If you haven’t already guessed the nail brand, I would like to say they are well known worldwide and originate from the U.S.A – I would like to think their representatives in other countries aren’t so disgraceful but who knows. I’m so sorry for being cryptic but let’s just say when it comes to feeling respect from them – I didn’t and the love I did feel was short-lived!

Feel free to like, share, comment and spread the word on this one- it shouldn’t really be swept under the rug. If any of you have experienced similar don’t feel you can’t speak out. It should not be tolerated at all!

Until next time,



Top class Make up training: House of Glamdolls, London

Hi guys,

It’s been quite a while since I blogged last, I’ve been so busy attending make up training this past week and attending great training got me thinking about how many bad training courses there are in the beauty industry and that sparked another blog post. Training and teaching make up, nails and beauty seems to be the latest ‘in’ thing and seems just about anyone can do it (and charge an arm and a leg for it) using an Instagram account or Gumtree or Facebook advert. I have done lots of training courses in my time- in beauty, nails and make up and believe you me I have wasted A LOT of hard earned money on pointless, or dated training. I was looking to really hone my make up skills in order to build my confidence, but didn’t want to waste any more money. I was recommended the House of Glamdolls on another course I did, so I decided to check them out.

House of Glamdolls is based in London, and was founded and run by Chinyee Chu and David Horne. Chinyee and David know their stuff, they both come from a strong make up background with many years experience in various different managerial roles for MAC and Ilasmasqua. They have also got years of experience working on celebrity clients, editorial work, fashion week as well as product development and education.

Since finding them, I’ve done quite a few courses. I’ve looked at everything from achieving the perfect skin- from foundation base, colour correction and contour to a day on bridal make up and two days focused on eye shapes, eyeshadow placement and blending.

Because of the industry experience he has, David is able to give students little industry secrets and tricks, and unlike many tutors who are too selfish to share their trade secrets, David is always happy to share everything he can. He wants to push his students to be the best make up artists they can be. This training really is the best of the best! Another thing which makes the school stand out to me is David’s knowledge of skin especially his knowledge of Black and Asian complexions. I’ve never met someone who knows deeper skin tones quite this well, his colour theory knowledge is second to none and he taught me so much I am now very confident in skin complexions. If as a make up artist you want to learn how to do different skin complexions to develop your skills and work confidently with every skin tone then I would definitely reccomend a course. Even if you aren’t a make up artist, but just want to learn make up as a hobby or simply to do on friends and family, I would recommend a class to perfect your skills and learn new ones. Another great thing is because they are so well connected you get access to specialist master classes with industry experts and other well known make up artists. This could in turn lead to opportunities to assist and work with different people in the future.

Here are a few pictures of inside the house: Look at the amount of products you get to play with- David literally has something from every well known make up brand and I have got to test out and try so many new products I hadn’t even heard of before. House of Glamdolls also have their own products including various strip lashes and Glambase wheels which are cream based blushers, colour correctors, contour and highlight.


Yesterday we worked on complexion and perfect colour matching (If any one remembers my previous rant on foundation issues for women of colour (you can refresh you memory here) you will all know I have a nightmare trying to get skin colour matched. I was very happy with the finished results:



In the end we were able to find a great match for my NC45 (ish) skin and my tricky purple/ green under eye bags as well, this is where the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage came in and obviously the Banana powder by Ben Nye (should be a holy grail to all yellow or olive undertones)  

I was also able to try out lots of different looks on different models under David’s guidance using visual stimulus such as pantings, or face charts. We were able to try out using lots of new and different products including bright colours and pigments, to step outside the comfort zone: like these super cool metallic lips and eyes I did on my model!

A few more pictures from inside: It’s a make up addicts heaven- they have Make up brushes for days and you can try any of them you please, there are palettes galore and don’t get me started on the amount of lip pencils there are!

After my time at House of Glamdolls, I feel so much more confident as a make up artist, attending training had given me inspiration, self belief and confidence as well as a thirst for more, its made me want to explore different areas of make up and push myself. I’ve also met some great people there and made good work and industry connections.

So when looking for training, don’t go just off someones instagram account or gumtree advert- anyone can talk it up in a written advert, anyone can photoshop a picture so you believe they are an amazing MUA and these days ALL training is expensive and price does not necessarily determine quality anymore- I would say do some research on the tutor- What have they done before? Do they have a professional CV? Do they have a proven track record?

What are your experiences with training in your home town or country? I know in America beauty training is much more regulated than here in the UK? What’s it been like for you wherever your from? Have you wasted money on courses? I would be interested to hear!

If your within easy reach of London its definitely worth checking out the House of Glamdolls and details of all their courses and further information can be found at 



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New must have: Melt Cosmetics ‘Dark Matter’ Eyeshadow Stack


OMG guys, had to blog today because I finally got the chance to use my ‘Dark Matter’ Stack from Melt Cosmetics and I had to tell you about it! ‘Dark Matter’ is one of 3 stacks in the Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow offering and it’s my personal favourite because it is an all rounder,  sort of a holy grail stack for the ultimate smokey eye. They also have ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Radioactive’ stacks. ‘Radioactive’ looks amazing, its so bright, vibrant and pigmented (may have to be my next purchase). These stacks retail for $48 and Melt Cosmetics do ship internationally.

Melt Cosmetics aren’t very well known in the UK actually, I believe they are better known America, however serious make up junkies (and hopefully soon everyone else) will know about them! They see to be a hip, cool and funky, brand- a bit alternative with great and unusual offerings in the matte lipstick department- as well as these brilliant stacks. The brand was started by two friends-Lora and Dana who were work colleagues working on  make up counters in a department store, before they teamed up to start this great line. The brand has a almost retro feel with a modern twist and specialises in bright colours and uber matte finishes to their products.

One of the things which made this brand stand out to me is the packaging for their awesome eyeshadow ‘Stacks’. As you can see the eyeshadow pans come in this chic, circular, stack of eyeshadow pans- which are magnetic so they can can stack together or pull apart like so……

It’s so cool and unique isn’t it? As soon as I saw it, I had to have it!  Not only is it neat and compact, but its also great for Make Up Artists on the job, as its very compact and space saving. You could even buy all their stacks and as they are magnetic you could stick them all together if you wanted! The stack contains 4 highly pigmented, very matte shades as follows (in order they are swatched):


Enigma- My favourite colour from the palette,  Rusty red-brown great for in the crease.

Blurr- soft blending and transition colour or under brow and tear duct.

Dark Matter-Very highly pigmented and dark black colour.

Unseen- a cool-medium caramel brown- great transition for me personally.

What do you think?


The eyeshadow pans are really big and contain a large amount of product. The palette is great for almost any combination of colours for a smokey eye and the black in this palette is super pigmented, and there was ZERO fall out. The colours are creamy and smooth and very blendable. I adore the consistency and would be hard pushed to find better. It is definitely worth its price tag.

Here is the look I created to go to a friends birthday lunch!


You can find this stack and the other two stacks at and you can follow them on Instagram here.

Seriously guys check it out on their website…. currently sadly the Dark Matter stacks are sold out but I expect there will be a restock very very soon!!  Let me know what you think of Dark Matter? Will you try to get your hands on it? Maybe you have one of their other stacks already? Let me know!

Oooooh….exciting news for my next blog post, I have ordered six of the seven Kylie Jenner lip kits! I’m not sure many of them will suit me but I just wanted to see what the hype is about and so blog about them to be honest. Stay tuned for that upcoming post as I will also leave some links and tips on getting your hands on the stacks as that wasn’t easy-even for a make up junkie like me!!!

Until then….



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The Liebster Award!


Wow… What a happy Saturday… I have been nominated for a Liebster Award from a fellow blogger! I am over the moon, it means a lot to me because I haven’t been blogging for long and for someone to this my blog is worthy of an award is awesome! I was nominated by the lovely JJsfootsteps so thank you! Check out her blog page by licking the link!

For those who don’t know what the Liebster award is – it’s an award given to new and upcoming bloggers, from other bloggers to show them support and love. It also let’s readers get to know the blogger a bit. The great thing about a Liebster Award is- you then get to pay it forward and nominate other bloggers you think write great blogs.

The Rules

Thank the blog that nominated you and link back to them.

Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you.

Tell readers 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate up to 11 bloggers to receive the award next.

Give your new nominees questions to answer about themselves when they post their nomination.


So I have nominated a few great blogs I think deserve some recognition- they blog on a variety of things and are all quite different so do check them out.









Viaggia Sogna Vivi



11 random facts about myself

  1. To get to sleep at night or to relax I watch videos of people folding fluffy towels, wrapping presents or even giving pretend eye examinations (this is a thing, who knew? It’s called ASMR) seriously its soon relaxing- go youtube it!
  2. I THINK I may have got post natal depression with my most recent child, although because it took about 3 months to kick in, I assumed it wasn’t that and only realised when 8 months later, I feel much better.
  3. I worry about my weight and think about weight loss every day.
  4. I am what’s known as a Girlie Tomboy. I love wearing baggy clothes and trainers, but I like girlie things like make up, lashes, diamontes and shiny sparkly house decor!
  5. I once won a brand new car on TV (I went on T4 with Vernon K and won a Renault clio).
  6. I have a degree in Media and Film and a Masters in Social Work and I used to work as a social worker in chid protection before my beauty and make up career took off.
  7. I am the ultimate My Little Pony fan, I had over 80 as a child and they are still in my dad’s loft!
  8. I am terrified of flying. So terrified in fact I have to go to my GP and get prescribed Diazepam before every flight I take.
  9. I’ve never been to my country of origin- Jamaica (I really want to go and its on my bucket list).
  10. Also on my bucket list is visiting Disneyworld because literally every year my best friend at school would go and my family could never afford it, so I spent years being so jealous!
  11. I want to move to the countryside one day soon so I can have a big garden (I currently live right in the middle of London)

So JJsfootsteps set me some questions to answer!

1. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is hard one because I love reading all types of books. I suppose I would probably read something political and racial- like A Time to Kill by John Grisham. I’m a sucker for political, court room, death penalty based dramas and especially when it comes to exploring racial tensions in America.

2. What’s your worst habit?

Ok so embarrassingly- whenever I am ill, or one of my children or my boyfriend has anything wrong with them and ailment at all- I immediatly jump onto Google and spend ages googling and reading up on said ailment (be it a cough, sneeze, rash, lump or bump) and then I diagnose the worst possible disease or horrendous illness and then work myself up into a panic and frenzy convinced the person is moments away from death! Neurotic and ridiculous basically.

3. If you could change one thing about the past year what would it be?

I wish I would of started this blog 12 months ago. Seriously, I put it off for so long anyway and this year I didn’t do it because I assumed just because I was pregnant and having a baby, it meant I couldn’t blog as well- now I’ve realise it would of actually been the perfect time to start!

4. Cat person, dog person or something else, and why?

DOG DOG DOG!!!! I just got my little Pomeranian- Honey (I’m sure you can guess what colour she is). She’s now 11 weeks old and I adore her. I grew up with dogs and just love them so much more than cats which I think are fickle and often only loyal to the hand that feeds them. I just love all dogs!

5. What’s your biggest fear?

Failure. Seriously if I had a pound for every time I have thought about doing something and opted out because of the fear of failure, I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams right now! Starting this blog is one of the things I’ve put off for years all for fear of no-one reading it and therefore basically failure.

6. What made you start your blog?

I have wanted to blog for years now, I had a little go a few years back and didn’t carry on with it- and then I put off starting it again because i was scared no-one would read! I was encouraged and inspired by a few other bloggers and friends to start and I am so glad I did as I’ve had quite a few readers and lots of encouragement from you guys so i am really thankful for that.

7. Who is your inspiration?

I take inspiration from lots of places in life, but overall I would say my inspiration is my dad- he is hardworking, with real ethic and commitment. He very rarely had time off work even when he was very unwell. He raised me and my brother on his own after our mum walked out and got re married, he was always there for us and still is to this day. He worked hard to provide for two demanding teenagers and now I have kids of my own I can really appreciate how hard parenting actually is let alone totally alone with two difficult, angry and resentful teenagers. He’s a great man!

8. What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

Go to sleep and stop worrying about what you will wear tomorrow- there’s more to life. Embrace your newly forming, curves as one day they will be appreciated. Embrace, your big pouty lips as one day they will be coveted. Love being black, as its beautiful! You will eventually find someone to love you and settle down with kids, stop worrying about that too. Finally- remember, tomorrow is another day.

9. Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

In 5 years time I want to have grown hugely within the make up, beauty and blogging field. I hope to have built up a name for myself and continued to build up my brand. I really hope to be running my own salon, or working within make up at a more senior level. I also hope to have done loads more training and assisted some bigger make up artists and maybe even worked abroad.  I hope to still be blogging and Instagramming and to have built up quite a few followers (fingers crossed).

10. What are you struggling with as a blogger?

Self confidence and belief in my posts and my ability to write. I am constantly second guessing my posts, reading and re-reading them and at the same time worrying if people will like them or want to read them. I also worry constantly about not getting enough readers and becoming disheartened and de motivated!

11. Who is your favourite musician?

Blimey, thats a hard one because I like so many different artists….however if its the all time life long favourite, it would have to be Michael Jackson!!! His music never gets old or boring to me. I really loved him as a child in the 1990s and still love him now! RIP

Questions for my Nominee’s

  1. What do you like best about the town you live in?
  2. What’s your favourite food?
  3. What’s you biggest insecurity?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  5. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  6. What do you dislike most about blogging?
  7. What advice would you give to those considering starting a new blog?
  8. Who inspires you the most in life?
  9. What do you do last thing at night before you go to sleep?
  10. Where in the world would you most like to travel to and why?
  11. What’s your hidden talent?



Thanks for participating… don’t forget to pass it on!!!!

First World problems: Instagram!

Today’s blog post is suddenly came to me after being in the hairdressers yesterday, I was having a good old gossip with the other girls in there while under the drier (as you do) and I met a girl who worked in ‘social media’. Ok?! What does that even mean? When I delved more into this statement she explained it was her job to make famous people look good on Instagram! Wow – that’s actually a career? Who knew? Anyway I said I felt it was odd as I would want a genuine, sincere feel to any celebrity’s Instagram and if I thought I wasn’t getting that I always unfollow!

So then when I woke up this morning and without thinking, did my usual thing of grabbing my phone and browsing my social media- namely Facebook and Instagram and it got me thinking- Instagram really does make up a huge part of our every day lives- everyone who’s anyone has an Instagram it a must have as a business. But is it really right to edit, photoshop and FaceTune your pictures? Is this a true representation or advertisement? Obviously as a beauty and make up lover and blogger I spend a lot of time on Instagram- and as you do looking through all the polished and perfect pictures of people’s make up that fill a large proportion of my feed- I am always green with envy! Why don’t my pictures look as polished? Why is there always a flaw in my selfie? The notion that people may FaceTune or photoshop their pictures was alien to me until recently -my pictures are never posed or staged they are very real- although I’m tempted I must say because the accounts who clearly photoshop to the hilt have literally millions of followers!

It’s not that I’m against editing pictures but the issue is that Instagram often makes me feel so insecure of myself for so many reasons, and sets out somewhat realistic goals or expectations for people to try to match. I’m sure some of you have felt like it before- insecure after browsing your feed a bit- you start to unconsciously critique your face, your skin condition, your body, your ability to pout and to take decent pictures on your iPhone? You end up taking 100 selfies just to get one halfway decent one and even then your not happy! You end up zooming in and finding wrinkles, spots, pimples, blemishes on your face you never knew were there. It makes you want to call an uber immediately and have it take you to he nearest John Lewis just to buy Estee Lauder Double Wear and wack about 5 layers. Then it doesn’t stop at that- you start questioning everything about your life- your hair, your clothes, your meal choices , your partner choices-everything!

Instagram is how Facebook was 10 years ago- when you reconnect with your old school friends and first see their accounts, lives looking perfect, glamorous, fun filled and carefree. Then you end up comparing your own life and feeling like you drew the short straw in some way-  and never stopping to think that maybe these are carefully selected pictures. This even works down to celebrities and those paid for what they do on Instagram. Recently quite a few Instagram models had an amnesty on posts and came clean about the reality of every picture,  Model Essena O’Neill springs to mind as an example as she recently had a change up on her Instagram account and very publicly explained that the posts on her Instagram are rarely what they seem. Here’s a couple of screenshots from her Instagram which explains what I am getting at- defo check out her page for more as it makes interesting reading.



Life through Instagram is the life people want you to see and not really reality, but often that’s hard to remember!

Instagram also makes it difficult for me- as a Make Up Artist. I want my work to photograph as beautifully as many of these accounts but without a ton of editing they can never compare. On top of this the worst issue is when booking you, clients will actually ask for “The Instagram Look”- by that they mean full coverage make up, very heavy contour and highlight, colour corrected, over drawn lips and of course The Instagram Brow (heavy dark, cut out, faded in brows!). Seriously, this look may be great on camera, and after Photoshopping but in real life this isn’t wearable?! And clients don’t recognise this- because all they see is what’s posted on social media. In real life this make up would be inches thick caked on, creased TF and basically a mess. Instagram style make up is very drag as well which can photograph well but in real life is very ageing on anyone over about 20!

I studied and work in makeup  because I wanted to enhance natural beauty and make them feel good about themselves flaws and warts and all- do I could correct? Of course but only when needed, do I overuse on the lips? Yes I do but again only if it suits the person and only if genuinely needed. We don’t all need to look like blow up dolls to be beautiful!

With that said there are a few great Instagrammers which I follow not for product reviews or because they are ‘Influencers’ (saw this written in a really popular Instagrammers bio recently and I really dislike this whole notion, because clearly that just means you are there to make money only and we are just passive viewers who will buy anything wtf?!- how can I trust your reviews or anything you post at all then). I follow them because they are real – unedited genuine just well chosen pictures @bodyposipanda is one I can think of straight away- Check her account out too.

What are you views? I would love to hear- do you think photoshopping and heavy editing to be acceptable? Do you feel the pressures of trying to keep up with Instagram?

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That’s all from me today- please like share and comment would love to hear your views!

And next time you find yourself browsing Instagram feeling insecure or flawed-always remember; ‘Being imperfect is in itself, perfect’!




*photocredit- screen grab @essenaoneil and instagram