Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Review and swatches!


Hope you’ve all enjoyed the long weekend – whether it be a UK Bank Holiday weekend or Memorial Weekend in the states…. or if you have been back at work today then I hope this blog post brings you some joy at least!

I had to jump on here tonight to write an emergency blog post because today -I GOT MY BECCA CHAMPAGNE COLLECTION PALETTES!!!! YAAASSSSSSS!!!

I was long awaiting the release of this Limited Edition palette and I new it would be popular, so I  was determined to get it even if it killed me! Release date was 26th May 2016, the time? 5pm (GMT). I needed silence, I needed to focus!  I demanded quiet from whoever was in the house at the time; the kids, the dog (yeah right!) and even the poor neighbour who was (sod’s law) at the door at five to five asking if I was coming to Zumba that night! With all distractions gone, I positioned myself at my computer, finger on the mouse, waiting with baited breath- 4.57 hit and I refreshed- Yesssss it was live!!! I clicked away, frantically loading my online basket and well- fortune favours the brave as they say! It appeared that fate was on my side (for that day at least) I was able to get one!

I was super impressed with the speed of service because I only ordered on Thursday evening and it’s made its way across the pond already (Monday and bank holiday at that).  The team at Sephora are doing good!

When I hear the names Becca and Jaclyn Hill in the same sentence, I automatically think luminous, glowy, shimmering, natural and pretty and ‘for everyone;.  Upon unboxing and examination – I see the these palettes have reached all those connotations and more.

The Champagne Collection Face Palette

The palette itself comes gloriously packaged in a gold and white shiny metal casing! It screams luxurious glamour and glowy shimmering perfection. It contains x5 pans:

Champagne Pop (0.19oz)- Glorious shimmering pinky, peach golden highlight- officially my favourite highlight of 2015.

Prosecco Pop (0.19oz)- a close rival to champagne pop, this highlight has more warm, golden hues- great for those with darker and tan skins- this highlight just pops!

Amaretto (0.12oz)- A matte mid brown- almond coloured mental  blush/contour/bronzer shade- great for adding warmth to the face.

Pamplemouse (o.12oz)- a warm, coral, pink shade a mineral blush -great for a warm sun kissed blush.

Rose Spritz (o.10oz)- a lovely two toned, peachy pink, luminous blush with a golden undertone- I love love love this blush- great for all skin tones too!





They really did think of everyone with this palette because the combinations are endless- you can mix and match the shades and layer them to create any desired look and every skin tone is catered for. They really are universal and would be lovely for a classy, glowy bridal look or evening make up! This palette would be one I would reach for everyday!

The Champagne Collection Eye palette

Like the face palette, the eye palette is very universal an comes with x5 0.06 pans with creamy shades that we can all use regardless of our skin tone and complexion. The colours are as follows:

Chardonnay -golden shade with pink and yellow hues- great under brow and tear duct highlight

Champagne Toast- my favourite shade, a gorgeous warm shimmering peach hue with  “a dash of cinnamon”

Cordial- matte, soft and warm, rose brown- deal for transition and crease shade.

Cognac – matte, coffee coloured shade great for the crease and intensifying any eye look

Bordeaux -rich, deep, matte  colour with deep chocolate undertones. Great for smoking out the eye, darkening the crease or cut crease looks and defining the waterline.




The eye palette can create any number of looks for any skin tones. It could be used to create soft, glowy, day make up look or dark and smoked out and packed on colour evening look. I was actually a bit dubious about buying yet another eye palette but this is gorgeous, and I love that its compact, small and great for the make up travel bag.

Edit: Becca & Jaclyn have pulled this palette! It will not be launched on 16thnjune at the restock or 21st in space NK or in store and will no longer be produced at all!  The reviews on it were bad, and apparently it was produced in China in order to meet time restrictions to launch the collection by a certain date. As you can see from the swatches the palette isn’t as pigmented as some other shadows I have previously swatches and after writing my review I tested the palette out and wore it for a dinner date with my brother and I really had to prime my eyes and pack the colour on for it to be at all noticeable. After talking with other bloggers and MUA’s this week I learnt they were also disappointed with the formula of the shadows too.  It seems sadly this palette was released in a rush and they have compromised on ingredients and therefore quality of the product. All palettes are being refunded apparently. I am not impressed at all and can only apologise to anyone who bought the eye palette after reading this blog and have contacted both Becca and Sephora to find out further information on being refunded and I will post an update when I have one. Disappointing to say the least! So many cosmetics companies have made major boo boos lately and everything seems to be driven by greed and social media hype! I actually think this calls for another blog post….

Fancy copping one for yourself?

Better be quick, this palette is Limited Edition….. meaning when it’s gone, its gone! It’s currently being sold on and retails at $52 for the face palette and $40 for the eye shadow palette. It’s currently showing as SOLD OUT although it should re stock online launch in store on 16th June2016.Within the UK its due in the lovely Space NK on June 21st 2016 both in store and online- however  I still don’t know the UK RRP!

If your in the UK and can’t wait for our release, you can of course order direct from Sephora and they calculate the shipping and customs at checkout- remember the more you order, the less in shipping you will pay so maybe worth clubbing together with fellow make up lovers to buy this one- however the face palette is (sensibly) limited to x3 per customer.

What do you guys think? Do you have this palette? Is it on its way to you?  I for one, think on this occasion this product was worth the hype, especially the face palette! I love it and I can see myself reaching for this palette most days and I sincerely hope that Becca make it a more permanent feature!

until next time….