¬†How to: Beauty Counter Job Interview Makeup!

Hi guys,

Hope you have all had a great Easter and long holiday weekend- shame about the weather but hey, this is England (for those of you reading from other countries who are currently basking in glorious sunshine I envy you so much right now) anyway its all business as usual today so time for a quick blog post on make up for attending a job interview for a make up counter- as I did last week!!!! How many of you already have or really want to work on a beauty make up counter either now or in the future?  There is no right or wrong way to this really and some brands will want more than others. This is just a quick post on how I did it, so you can get a few ideas and hopefully bag the job! I won’t share the outcome of the interview or who it was for just yet (all my friends who know what it is keep schtum in the comments please)- makes it a bit more fun!

I was told to wear bright, bold and daring make up – whatever I wanted and she actually said “The more bold, the better”. Eeeek I was so excited that I had total artistic freedom on my look but so very nervous of messing up at the same time! (Do you guys have any idea what brand I might be going for yet?).

As I was super nervous and really wanted the job, so I opted for an early interview time of 10am on Oxford street- early bird catches the worm and all that.  I wanted to pick a make up look I could get up early (but not at 4am early) and still have time to pull off! I love a bold eye and a bold lip so I was time challenged (I know many say you can’t get away with both, but what the hell I can). In the end I went for a gold, smokey eye and a matte plum lip for my interview as i love this look and I know I can do it fairly quickly. The lipstick is a Mac Retro Matte liquid lipstick range in the colour High Drama.  I also used the medium brown, black and gold colours (Key, Coin and Onyx)from my  Hidden Treasure Palette by Dose of Colours for eyes. This gold is super pigmented and foiled and I even applied it wet with my fix plus to really make it pop! The black in this palette is really black so it was really quick and easy to smoke it out. Tip: To make the eye super soft and smokey go over and soften you edges with a squirrel (art painting) brush it’s perfect at moving and diffusing colour so there are no harsh lines.

I used my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in black for my winged liner (as I find it the easiest way to achieve an even neat wing liner look). The rest of my make up was just how I like it- a light coverage of everything to be honest!

How do you think I look? I wish I had added lashes now as I think that would really of made the eyes pop but overall I really liked it though! (My MAC lipstick did start coming off after about an hour of wear and I had to keep re applying)

I wore all black for my interview as its smart, neat and fashionable. I opted to wear a big oversized batwing cardigan, plain black long chiffon dress/top and leggings and silver jewellery to set it all off and add a bit of class (and just because I’m loving my silver at the moment)! This is general attire I imagine should be worn beauty or make up counter interviews – in my mind I think you should dress for interview as if you were already working on the stand so it gives you confidence that you are right for the role and so the prospective employer can invisage you on their stand.

So what do you think? Have you had any interviews for make up counters? What did you wear? How did you do your make up for the big day?

Can you guess where I was interviewing for? I bet it’s not where you think?! How do you think I did?!

Will be back soon with an update!!!